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Low cost hamster food for full cheeks and full pockets. Shop the range of hamster treats and food today.

Make mealtimes the best part of your hamster’s day, from our high-quality range of nutritious hamster food. Browse the best option from hamster treats to hamster food and shop quality food at sustainable prices so that you always have options for the best hamster food. Choose from famously popular brands and products including Harry Hamster and Science Selective.

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Nutritious Hamster Food

At Pet Drugs Online, we believe all hamsters deserve a caring and nourishing diet that will deliver all the vitamins and minerals they need to live happily and healthily. Deliver a delicious and well-balanced diet to support your small pet wellbeing and take care of their vitamin and mineral intake with quality products designed for their growth and development.

Shop premium for less and make savings on popular brands that want to care for your hamster as much as you do. With different flavours available and a huge variety of ingredients, you can make a choice for your pet and regain control of their diet. It’s really important to feed your pet food that is similar to what they’d eat in the wild. Pleasantly, hamsters can often be quite simple to feed with all of them enjoying similar foods. However, we provide specialist food to enable you to care and treat for your unique pet.

The Best Hamster Food Brands

Keep them happy and let their health reflect their great diet. We've got the nation's favourite hamster food brands to give you options and quality. All of the products in this range have been veterinary approved with each ingredient bringing a benefit to your hamster.


Oxbow specialises in small pets and can feed your hamster properly, giving them everything they need for growth and development. Their premium recovery food Critical Care Fine Grind is to help herbivores who are unable to eat due to illness, surgery or poor nutritional status. Specialising in boost nutrients in weaker hamsters, this food contains high amounts of fibre to ensure proper gut physiology and digestion. 

Science Selective

Science Selective is a popular brand for providing your hamster with key ingredients. Formulated to nutritionally complete your hamster’s diet to deliver everything they need within the portion. Benefits include high amounts of vitamin c, zero added sugar, rich in ingredients, balanced diet and supports a normal digestive system.

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