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Helping your cat to maintain healthy and nourished skin, a glossy coat and short claws is a top priority when caring for their wellbeing. Our grooming collection provides everything you need to keep them clean from Malaseb shampoo and medicated flea shampoo to cat brushes. Shop from brands including Allermyl, Malacetic and Vetruus CLX and save on loving them well.

Give your cat a pamper day with our range of cat grooming products. You will find cat shampoo, cat grooming brushes and pet cleansing wipes.

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  1. You save 36%
    Allermyl Dog & Cat Shampoo for Skin Allergies 1033
  2. You save 17%
    Ancol Cat Scissor Nail Clippers
  3. You save 39%
    Epi-soothe shampoo 1168
    Epi-soothe shampoo
    SRP £23.00
    Save £9.06
  4. You save 27%
    Vetruus CLX Cleansing Wipes 3640
  5. You save 16%
    Malabeze Universal Cat & Dog Shampoo 10455
  6. You save 38%
    Sebolytic Shampoo 1396
    Sebolytic Shampoo
    SRP £22.73
    Save £8.76
  7. You save 35%
    Ceva Douxo S3 PYO shampoo for Dogs & Cats 3294
  8. You save 25%
    Vetruus Zincoseb Shampoo 3645
    Vetruus Zincoseb Shampoo
    SRP £22.54
    Save £5.75
  9. You save 24%
    Vetruus Ermidra Shampoo 3642
    Vetruus Ermidra Shampoo
    SRP £20.78
    Save £5.14
  10. You save 34%
    Vetruus Ermidra Foam 3641
    Vetruus Ermidra Foam
    SRP £20.82
    Save £7.28
  11. You save 25%
    Vetruus Clorexyderm Spot Gel 3639
  12. You save 22%
    Auraleze Ear Cleansing Solution 1418
  13. You save 7%
    Tropiclean Papaya and Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner 2202
  14. You save 32%
    Ceva Douxo S3 Seb mousse for Dogs & Cats 3295
    Ceva Douxo S3 Seb mousse for Dogs & Cats
    SRP £21.05
    Save £6.82
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Why you should groom your cat regularly

A thorough cat grooming regimen helps to promote your cat’s health and hygiene.. Give your cat the personal care and grooming they need to feel well loved and looked after, it can help promote a stronger bond and support communication skills between you and your cat. While grooming your cat can feel like a chore, it’s a crucial part of being an attentive pet owner and loving them well. Your cat’s grooming routine should not only reflect hygiene but to keep an eye out for any infection, outgrowing hair or claws and support a healthy dental check-up. This will help your cat to hear, walk or run and keep their habitual behaviour intact. Making sure you’re keeping on top of your cat’s grooming routine enables your cat to feel their best.

We have a great collection of cat grooming products to help you feel confident when grooming your pet. They have been designed and approved by veterinary experts so you can give them the best quality care and get the best results. Build your trust with your cat and develop that loving relationship further and help them feel at ease with your trust.

The best grooming products for cats

Take control of your cat grooming routine with these trusted brands, all expertly using their research to develop excellent and quality cat grooming products. From brands including Allermyl, Vetruus and Pet Remedy, you won’t be disappointed with these five-star rated brands. These household names are loved by both veterinary professionals but used by thousands of cat owners across the country. From cat shampoo, sprays, nail clippers to cat grooming brushes, we’ve got your cat grooming essentials covered.


This brand provides cat shampoo that contain cooling aloe vera plant extracts which provide calming ingredients to soothe your cat’s skin and promote good hygiene. Our vet says, ‘Skin conditions are common in cats and cats, and this cat shampoo will help treat and manage allergies as well as soothe the skin. This is a good cat shampoo to choose as it also releases its ingredients after being rinsed away.’.


Vetruus provides a whole range of cat grooming products including wipes, sprays, gels and cat shampoo. Vetruus are a bestseller who want to give you and your cat the best care possible. With antibacterial and antifungal properties, stock up the cupboards with Vetruus and have the best grooming routine for your cat.

Pet Remedy 

Pet Remedy does more than calming products, their cat grooming wipes help you groom your cat with the quality care they need. All products have natural ingredients and easy to use applicators, their formulas and cat grooming products are easily accessible and are great for quick, on-the-go usage.

Feel confident with cat grooming

Even if you find cat grooming a chore, timely or even confusing, feel at ease with this simple range of great cat grooming products. With high quality formulas and easy to use applicators, you can feel confident and encourage to implement a routinely grooming session. Strengthen your bond further and deliver the care your cat needs for a more affordable price. Love them well for less.