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Optixcare® Eye Cleaning Wipes for Cats, Dogs and Horses

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Optixcare® Eye Cleaning Wipes provide a convenient, lint-free tool to clear debris or stains from around the eye. They contain chamomile and hyaluron to gently clean, soothe and hydrate the skin surrounding the eyes and facial folds.

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Product Details

Optixcare® Eye Cleaning Wipes are unique cleaning wipes which allow for gentle, soothing and very effective cleaning of the eyes without resorting to irritating boric acid or bleach.

Optixcare® Eye Cleaning Wipes may be used for effective removal of:

  • Ocular secretions, sticky mucus and crusty debris around eyes
  • Facial fold odours
  • Tear staining around eyes


Optixcare® Eye Cleaning Wipes for Cats, Dogs and Horses are available in the following size:
  • Pack of 50 Wipes

Key Benefits

  • Safe and gentle formulation
  • No peroxide, bleach, borate/boric acid or other toxic chemicals
  • Does not contain antibiotics


  • Ingredients
    Chamomile and Hyaluron

Use the wipes to remove light staining and accumulations of debris or secretions around your pet’s eyes. The wipes are soft and moistened with Optixcare® Eye Cleaning Solution. If staining is more chronic, we recommend using the Optixcare® Eye Cleaning Solution to fully wet the hair and then remove the softened stain/debris with a wipe. Does not contain any boric acid, peroxide, bleach, or antibiotics.

Caution: Stop using if any signs of irritation and contact your veterinarian.