Cat Healthcare

Your cat’s health is a big priority for both us and yourself. Our range of cat healthcare products is put together by veterinary experts to help to prevent, strengthen, protect, and even treat your cat from a wide range of health issues. From flea, tick, and worming treatments to vitamins, pre-scriptions, and other medicines for cats you’ll find the best for your feline's needs.

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  1. You save 40%
    DO NOT USE Caninsulin Suspension for Injection for Dogs and Cats 40IU/ml 10ml 16702
  2. You save 44%
    Thyronorm 5mg/ml Oral Solution For Cats 10158
    Thyronorm® Oral Solution for Cats 5mg/ml
    SRP £39.67
    2 products in range £21.98 £51.98
    Save £17.69
  3. You save 5%
    Dronspot Medium Cat Spot-On Worming Solution 10225
    Dronspot® Spot-On Wormer for Medium Cats (2.5kg-5kg)
    SRP £8.21
    2 products in range £7.75 £155.00
    Save £0.46
  4. You save 36%
    Drontal Cat Wormer Tablets 2793
    Drontal® Wormer Tablets for Small and Medium Cats (under 4kg)
    SRP £3.36
    2 products in range £2.15 £206.40
    Save £1.21
    Special Offer
  5. You save 23%
    FRONTLINE Plus® Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats & Kittens over 8 weeks 9982
    FRONTLINE PLUS® Spot-On Flea and Tick Treatment for Cats (over 1kg)
    SRP £24.68
    2 products in range £18.98 £30.98
    Save £5.70
    Special Offer
  6. Panacur 22% Granules for Cats & Dogs 674
    Panacur® Granules Wormer for Dogs and Cats 22.2% w/w
    SRP £0.00
    3 products in range £1.75 £3.29
  7. You save 19%
    Droncit Tablet Tapewormer for Cats and Dogs 1676
    Droncit® Tablets for Cats and Dogs
    SRP £2.24
    2 products in range £1.80 £186.00
    Save £0.44
    Easy Repeat
  8. You save 39%
    Panacur Wormer Paste For Cats
    Panacur® Oral Paste Wormer for Cats, Dogs, Kittens and Puppies 18.75%
    SRP £9.96
    2 products in range £5.99 £59.90
    Save £3.97
  9. You save 44%
    Amodip 1.25mg Chewable Tablets For Cats 9669
    Amodip® Chewable Tablets for Cats 1.25mg
    SRP £1.51
    2 products in range £0.84 £84.00
    Save £0.67
  10. You save 30%
    Drontal Cat XL Wormer Tablets 2794
    Drontal® XL Wormer Tablets for Large Cats (over 4kg)
    SRP £4.13
    2 products in range £2.86 £137.28
    Save £1.27
  11. You save 5%
    Dronspot Large Cat Spot-On Worming Solution 10229
    Dronspot® Spot-On Wormer for Large Cats (5kg-8kg)
    SRP £8.21
    2 products in range £7.75 £155.00
    Save £0.46
  12. You save 61%
    Metacam Oral Suspension for Cats and Guinea Pigs 979
    Metacam® Oral Suspension for Cats and Guinea Pigs 0.5mg/ml
    SRP £15.23
    3 products in range £5.80 £19.80
    Save £9.43
  13. Capstar Flea Tablets For Cats & Dogs 1674
    CAPSTARᵀᴹ Flea Treatment Tablets for Dogs and Cats
    SRP £0.00
    2 products in range £19.69 £20.48
    Easy Repeat
  14. Furosemide / Frusemide Tablets 20mg 1723
    Furosemide (Frusemide) Tablets for Dogs and Cats 20mg
    SRP £0.00
    2 products in range £0.10 £36.00
  15. Pronefra Kidney & Blood Pressure Supplement for Cats and Dogs 7721
    Pronefra® Kidney Function Oral Suspension Support for Dogs and Cats
    SRP £0.00
    2 products in range £15.98 £34.99
    Easy Repeat
  16. You save 51%
    Malaseb Shampoo 1720
    Malaseb® Shampoo for Dogs and Cats
    SRP £34.72
    Save £18.03
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Showing 1-24 of 572 Products

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Cat Healthcare

Cat Healthcare Products

Owning a cat is a lot of responsibility and as an owner caring for your cat’s health can be expensive. But with our cat healthcare range, you can make sure your kitty is in top health at affordable prices and conveniently delivered straight to your door.

We have a wide range of cat healthcare products and treatments from veterinary experts and well-known brands so you can care for your cat no matter their needs.

Cat Prescriptions

If your cat has been prescribed medication for a health condition, then we’ve got you covered. You can get all your prescriptions and cat medicines from us online at a low price. Our ex-tensive cat prescriptions are from trusted brands and handled by veterinary experts. You can find all the cat medicine to treat a range of conditions including heart, allergy, kidney, diabetes and more. Note that to buy these cat medicines you will need an actual vet prescription. For more, we’ve got a great step by step guide on how to buy prescription medication for your cat.

Cat Flea and Tick Treatments

Fleas and ticks can be a constant issue for cat owners, especially if you’ve got an outside cat. Whether you are looking to prevent and protect your cat’s healthcare, or you’re wanting to treat a current infestation, we’ve got a range of cat flea and tick treatments to keep your cat healthy. From sprays, spot-ons, tablets, collars and more you’ll have plenty of options to help you find the most effective and convenient way to keep your kitty flea and tick-free.

Cat Worming Treatments

Worming your cat is so important to improve your cat’s healthcare. For protection or for treating your cat, we have a range of cat worming treatments. From spot-ons, tablets, paste or liquids you can rest assured that your cat will be worm free with this easy-to-give cat medicine.

Cat Calmers

If your cat suffers from stress or anxiety, we’ve got a range of cat calmers to help soothe your kitty. Whether it’s to help calm your cat’s nerves due to a stressful situation, event, or even separation anxiety, you can choose from calming toys with catnip, diffusers, sprays, wipes, or other calming medicines for cats. You can always give your kitty the extra support it needs, but if they are often stressed take a look at our stress and anxiety relief for cats.

Cat Vitamins

One big way to keep on top of your cat’s healthcare is with probiotics, vitamins, and supplements. Our cat vitamins help your kitty get all the nutrients and minerals they need. With expertly chosen supplements, you can enhance your cat’s strength, stamina, and balance. Whether it’s to keep up with your cat’s healthcare or give them the extra boost to treat a health condition, these cat medicines are a must have.

Cat Grooming

Although cats love to groom themselves, helping your kitty maintain healthy skin, coat and claws is essential cat healthcare. We’ve got a range of cat grooming products which gives you everything you need to keep your cat happy and healthy. From brushes, sprays, wipes, lotions, shampoos, and nail clippers to even medicated grooming products to aid with conditions.

Cat Hairball Treatments

Because cats love to groom themselves, hairballs will happen. And as annoying as these can be our hairball treatments help to prevent and treat them, making them less uncomfortable for you and your kitty. From cat medicines that come in tablets, paste, or gel form, to food which aids in digestion, you can help with preventing hairballs.

Whatever cat medicine you may be looking for, we have plenty to choose from to aid in caring for your cat’s healthcare no matter their needs. And when you buy cat healthcare products online with us, you can be sure you’re getting great low prices. If you need any help choosing medicine for your cat, contact our friendly team for advice.