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At Pet Drugs Online, your horse’s health is at the centre of what we do. By creating online vet prescriptions accessible from the click of a few buttons, you can get what your horse needs for a better price and delivered directly to your door. Our team of experts work with you to make it simple, quick, and effective- everything you need in one place for your horse prescriptions.

You'll be amazed how much money you can save on your horse prescriptions online. If you have an equine prescription, check our prices and compare.

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  1. You save 64%
    Baytril Oral Suspension 2.5% 931
    Baytril Oral Suspension 2.5%
    SRP £63.00
    Save £40.50
  2. You save 30%
    Compagel Gel 941
    Compagel Gel
    SRP £60.71
    Save £18.71
  3. Finadyne Paste 496
    Finadyne Paste
    SRP £26.36
  4. You save 50%
    Rimadyl Large Animal Solution 1009
    Rimadyl Large Animal Solution
    SRP £104.28
    Save £52.68
  5. You save 44%
    Trimediazine Plain 1021
    Trimediazine Plain
    SRP £59.60
    Save £26.61
  6. You save 61%
    Norodine Equine Paste Syringe 988
    Norodine Equine Paste Syringe
    SRP £31.18
    Save £19.18
  7. You save 25%
    Trimediazine Paste 838
    Trimediazine Paste
    SRP £19.31
    Save £4.91
  8. You save 53%
    Butagran Equi 10256
    Butagran Equi
    SRP £147.00
    Save £78.00
  9. You save 43%
    Relaquine 35mg/ml Oral Gel for Horses 2175
    Relaquine 35mg/ml Oral Gel for Horses
    SRP £33.10
    Save £14.50
  10. You save 51%
    Danilon Equidos Sachets 945
    Danilon Equidos Sachets
    SRP £178.92
    Save £92.52
  11. You save 51%
    Equine Inflacam Oral Suspension 15mg/ml 3872
    Equine Inflacam Oral Suspension 15mg/ml
    SRP £43.30
    Save £22.31
  12. You save 27%
    Equisolon 33Mg/g Oral Powder For Horses (180g) 9498
    Equisolon 33Mg/g Oral Powder For Horses (180g)
    SRP £143.92
    Save £39.94
  13. You save 62%
    Equipalazone Oral Powder 1g 492
    Equipalazone Oral Powder 1g
    SRP £66.97
    Save £41.97
  14. You save 31%
    GastroGard for Horses 37% 11324
    GastroGard for Horses 37%
    SRP £26.10
    Save £8.30
  15. You save 38%
    Inflacam Granules for Horses 10068
    Inflacam Granules for Horses
    SRP £326.00
    Save £126.80
  16. You save 62%
    Metacam Oral Suspension for Horses 901
    Metacam Oral Suspension for Horses
    SRP £89.71
    Save £55.73
  17. You save 53%
    Peptizole Syringe for Horses 11411
    Peptizole Syringe for Horses
    SRP £289.97
    Save £154.37
  18. You save 38%
    Prascend (Pergolide) 1mg for Horses 2172
    Prascend (Pergolide) 1mg for Horses
    SRP £1.76
    Save £0.68
  19. You save 43%
    Rheumocam Oral Suspension for Horses 10065
    Rheumocam Oral Suspension for Horses
    SRP £86.54
    Save £37.34
  20. You save 50%
    Regumate Equine 0.22% Oral Solution 1005
    Regumate Equine 0.22% Oral Solution
    SRP £70.79
    Save £36.01
  21. You save 34%
    Sedalin Gel 1012
    Sedalin Gel
    SRP £30.04
    Save £10.36
  22. You save 48%
    Ventipulmin Granules 1023
    Ventipulmin Granules
    SRP £90.48
    Save £43.50
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Why Should You Get Your Horse Prescriptions from Pet Drugs Online

As horse owners ourselves, we know the costs that are involved with caring for our animals. It therefore sits at the heart of our values that all horse owners should have access to their essentials and that affordability should not be an issue. Veterinary prices can be unfortunately a little expensive too, and we can’t always predict when our horse will need extra care, treatment or medication, which is why it’s our priority to make sure you’ve got whatever you need for whenever you need it. With on-site vets and qualified experts, we’re able to offer advice and approve treatment for your pet after your own vet’s request.

We’ve collaborated with as many quality brands as possible, meaning that you have the power of choice and are able to select what’s best for your horse. We know that horses can be fussy, and their owners can be even fussier- rightly so. Take your time to browse and try different brands or products until you find one that works for you. In the meantime, we’ll be picking and packing your orders to quickly ship the parcel straight to your door. No hassle or need to even leave the house, from the click of a button you can have everything you need to keep you stocked up.

Which Equine Medication Brands Do We Stock?

We’ve based our selection on ingredients, effectiveness and results. When you shop with us, you know you’re guaranteed a great experience. Leave your order in our trusted hands and receive brands including Equistro, Audevard, Hilton Herbs and Equine America.

Save On All Equine Health Care Needs With Pet Drugs Online

When your horse needs a little boost or a condition to be treated, you can count on us to have you covered without the hefty price tags attached. Find everything you need from this one-stop-shop and read the countless five-star reviews for reassurance. Whatever prescription product your horse needs, we’re here to help you find the best for your equine.