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Help find the right anxiety solutions and calmers for your cat within our anxiety and stress reliever range. Support your four-legged friend’s wellbeing and ensure they feel relaxed and calm within their environment with cat stress relief products including cat calming tablets, plug ins, anxiety medication and specialist sprays. Love them well for less.

Stress and anxiety in cats can happen during house moves, fireworks night or with a new guest in the house - our cat stress relief products will soothe and calm.

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  1. You save 22%
    Anxitane Chewable Tablets Small 11363
  2. You save 14%
    Pet Remedy Atomiser 10205
    Pet Remedy Atomiser
    SRP £19.56
    Save £2.75
  3. You save 34%
    Cat Calming Pack 2274
    Cat Calming Pack
    SRP £73.33
    Save £25.33
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    Calmex Cat Stress Relief 9862
    Calmex Cat Stress Relief
    SRP £20.70
    Save £4.32
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    Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian 1152
  6. You save 5%
    Valerian Drops For Dogs & Cats 1154
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    Feliway Friends Diffuser Pack 9938
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    Feliway Friends Refill Only 9941
    Feliway Friends Refill Only
    SRP £31.56
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    Feliway Spray 9253
    Feliway Spray
    SRP £14.86
    Save £5.88
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    Feliway Classic Diffuser Pack 1749
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    Feliway Cystease Capsules 3894
    Feliway Cystease Capsules
    SRP £12.92
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  12. You save 43%
    Feliway Classic Refill Only 3937
  13. You save 17%
    Grannick's Bitter Apple Spray 1064
  14. You save 18%
    KalmAid 1491
    SRP £17.64
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    New Kitten Care Behaviour Pack
    New Kitten Care Behaviour Pack
    SRP £49.78
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  16. YuCALM for Cats 2228
    YuCALM for Cats
    SRP £0.00
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    Pet Remedy Cat & Dog Calming Wipes 2405
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Cat Anxiety Symptoms

Often cats show us signs of feeling anxious or nervous to communicate their discomfort, it’s then up to us to act on this and provide comfort and care for our pets from a variety of solutions. Some of the signs your cat may display if they are unhappy include failing to use the litter tray, change in mood, hiding or aggression, an increase in meowing and a possible a change in appetite. Look out for these signs to help put your cat at ease and calm their nerves. Often there is a trigger to their stress, whether it’s separation anxiety, another pet in the house, lifestyle changes and new environments or even social anxiety with other humans.

The Best Anxiety and Stress Relievers for Cats

Your cat’s mental welfare is hugely important and it’s key that we are able to understand what your cat is trying to communicate to you so that you can provide them with the care that they need. While all cats are different, changes in behaviour may be supported by a variety of specialist brands. Whether you are looking for help with a cat with separation anxiety, or are trying to introduce a new member of the family to the household, we have a range of specialist anxiety medication for your cat. Some of our most popular brands are:


This brand has developed a host of plug-in diffusers to act as a synthetic copy of a feline facial pheromone to relax your cat in stressful situations. With up to 4 weeks of constant support, your plug-in diffuser can cover up to 3 rooms in the house and provide quick comfort to your pet’s anxiety. Our vet says, ‘Your Feliway diffuser works by producing a synthetic pheromone similar to that produced by your cat when they rub themselves against your leg. So, if your cat is stressed, this will help her to feel relaxed and at ease. This pretty much always produces great results.’.


This brand has developed tablets to help your cat cope in stressful situations, changes to everyday life or even when home alone to care for separation anxiety. Our vet says, ‘You can give your cat Zylkene without prescription for times when they feel anxious for any reason. Pop the capsule in their mouth or mix with food when you feel they need it. It is a really effective calmer.’.

Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy has created products to destress and calm your cat. With sprays, plug in diffusers and refills, there’s something there for everyone. For cats who may not enjoy taking tablets, this could be a great solution to address and care for their worries and nerves.

Cat Stress Relief and Anxiety Medication At Pet Drugs Online

At Pet Drugs Online, we know that it can be worrying when your cat is showing signs of stress. So we supply the best anxiety medication at an affordable price. Stock up on calming remedies for your cat and save on free delivery when you spend over £29, meaning you can afford other essentials along the way.