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FRONTLINE® Flea Spray for Dogs and Cats 0.25% w/v

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FRONTLINE® Flea Spray is for the treatment and prevention of fleas, ticks and biting lice on cats, dogs. puppies and kittens from 2 days old. For your home, dog and cat beds, and non-animal surfaces get Frontline Homegard Flea Spray.

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Product Details

FRONTLINE® Flea Spray is a cutaneous spray solution containing 0.25% w/v fipronil to treat and prevent fleas, ticks and biting lice on your pet. If you are fed up with spot-ons or trying to disguise tablets in your pet's food, this simple, easy-to-administer spray is a perfect alternative.

FRONTLINE® Flea Spray is suitable for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens from 2 days old. This spray is only effective on animals. If you want a flea spray for your home, pet's beds, and other non-animal surfaces, we reccommend Frontline Homegard Flea Spray.

FRONTLINE® Flea Spray for Cats, Dogs, Puppies & Kittens is available in the following size:
  • 250ml
Key Benefits
  • Treats and prevents fleas, ticks and biting lice
  • Simple and easy-to-administer
  • Suitable for cats and dogs from 2 days old
  • Active Ingredients
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What our vet says

What our vet says
"Our customers like this product as you can spray it on your cat or dog to treat and prevent fleas in a quick and effective way. If your pet isn't a fan or collars or spot ons, this is a good alternative and works instantly wherever it is sprayed."
John Campbell - Head Veterinary Surgeon (BVM&S BSc MRCVS)
John Campbell Head Veterinary Surgeon And
Co-Founder (BVM&S BSc MRCVS)