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Cat Worming Treatments

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We know that worming your cat can feel like a chore, but it is important to keep on top of it. By providing a routine worming treatment, you can improve your cat’s health dramatically. Top-quality and five-star rated, our cat worming collection will protect your cat within 24 hours. Shop from our collection including Drontal, Panacur, and Prazitel.

Cat wormers some in all shapes, sizes and forms. Find the cat wormer that suits your pet from top brands including Drontal and Panacur.

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  1. You save 58%
    Drontal Cat Wormer Tablets 2793
    Drontal Cat Wormer Tablets
    SRP £4.03
    Save £2.34
  2. You save 44%
    Panacur Wormer Paste For Cats
  3. You save 26%
    Dronspot Medium Cat Spot On Worming Solution 10225
  4. You save 44%
    Panacur Small Animal 10% Suspension 903
    Panacur Small Animal 10% Suspension
    SRP £35.89
    Save £16.01
  5. You save 9%
    Panacur 22% Granules for Cats & Dogs 674
  6. You save 53%
    Droncit Spot-On Tapewormer for Cats  1159
  7. You save 34%
    Cazitel Cat Wormer
    Cazitel Cat Wormer
    SRP £3.14
    Save £1.09
  8. You save 47%
    Drontal Cat XL Wormer Tablets 2794
  9. You save 51%
    12 Month Flea & Worm Treatment For Cats - Frontline Plus & Drontal 2263
  10. You save 37%
    Granofen Wormer for Cats and Dogs
    Granofen Wormer for Cats and Dogs
    SRP £224.96
    Save £84.56
  11. You save 64%
    Advocate for Cats Spot On for Cats 40 (Kittens & Cats up to 4kg) 480
  12. You save 52%
    Stronghold Spot On 45mg For Cats 3080
    Stronghold Spot On 45mg For Cats
    SRP £29.48
    Save £15.50
  13. You save 46%
    Bravecto Plus Spot On Flea Treatment For Medium Cats 250mg 2234
  14. You save 33%
    Milpro For Cats (medium/large) 7715
    Milpro For Cats (medium/large)
    SRP £6.76
    Save £2.28
  15. You save 46%
    Profender Spot On Wormer for Cats Large 3054
    Profender Spot On Wormer for Cats Large
    SRP £19.58
    Save £9.10
  16. You save 45%
    Bravecto Plus Spot On Flea Treatment For Small Cats 112.5mg
  17. You save 50%
    Profender Spot On Wormer for Cats Small
    Profender Spot On Wormer for Cats Small
    SRP £14.54
    Save £7.34
  18. You save 37%
    Milpro For Cats (small cats/kittens) 7718
    Milpro For Cats (small cats/kittens)
    SRP £3.34
    Save £1.24
  19. You save 45%
    Broadline For Cats (larger Than 2.5kg) 7680
    Broadline For Cats (larger Than 2.5kg)
    SRP £36.97
    Save £16.99
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Why You Should Worm Your Cat 

We strongly recommend worming your cat regularly to keep them healthy, happy, and well nourished. Worms can cause a whole host of issues for your cat including infection leading to weight loss, vomiting and diarrhoea. It’s important that to keep on top of regular worm treatment for cats while keeping a watchful eye for any signs of symptoms. Not only can worms cause issues for your cat but can also be passed on to humans and on rare occasions cause serious disease.

Kittens in particularly very commonly can come into contact with roundworms, meaning regular cat worming treatment is a must even from an early age, even 2 to 3 weeks until the age of 8 weeks and then monthly as they grow older.

Do Indoor Cats Need Worming?

Absolutely! Because flees and ticks carry worms, your indoor cat should be wormed as well as it is better to be safe than sorry. Both flea and cat worming treatments are easy and safe and help to prevent your cat having worms, as getting rid of parasites once they have taken hold can be more complicated. Regular worm treatments for cats will keep your cat safe – and you!

The Best Cat Wormers

We’ve worked closely with worming experts to give you and your cat the very best worm treatments for cats at a price that is accessible to every pet owner. Choose from big brands including Drontal to Panacur and Dronspot.


Drontal’s Cat Worming Tablets  is a bestseller that treats gastro-intestinal worms found in cats including roundworm and tapeworm. Not only do these worming tablets for cats  work quickly but effectively too, with many success stories in the hundreds of reviews left by happy cat owners.


Panacur provides a wide range of worm treatments for cats, including pastes to solutions which will help keep your cat parasite free. As a broad-spectrum cat wormer, Panacur will help remove roundworms, tapeworms, and lungworms. Reviews include ‘Good packaging. Easy to administer dose.’, ‘Exactly what I needed as per vet request.’ and ‘Great will definitely be ordering more medication for my cats.’.


Dronspot’s Spot On Worm Treatment for cats turns a frustration task into and easy and successful one. Designed to target roundworm and tapeworm, this cat worming treatment is affordable and effective. 

Speedy protection for cats

Care for your cat with the best quality cat wormers for impressive results and have peace of mind that both you and your pet are protected.