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From enrichment to incentives, we've got everything you need for your cat with our premium cat treats and kitten treats. They not only deliver nutrients quickly to their digestive system but also provide rewards for good behaviour. Keep things interesting and be spoilt for choice with brands including Arden, Thrive and Pet Munchies.

They love their cat treats and we love giving them - reward your cat with healthy and gourmet options for less.

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  1. BAM! Catnip Tub  1562
    BAM! Catnip Tub
    SRP £4.30
  2. Cosmic Catnip Cup 1471
    Cosmic Catnip Cup
    SRP £6.49
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    Pet Munchies Gourmet Chicken Liver Cat Treats 10678
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    Royal Canin Pill Assist for Cats 3204
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    Thrive Cat Treats 3834
    Thrive Cat Treats
    SRP £4.25
    Save £1.07
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Nutritious Cat Treats

Our range of tasty cat treats always catch your pet’s attention, with ingredients that make them hard to resist and a formula that’s good for their health, these are something to stock up on.

We know how important it is to find an incentive for our cats that will capture their engagement and cooperation while not feeding them any rubbish. These healthy bite-sized cat treats will help to promote a glossy coat, positive dental care and provide nutrients for your cat’s wellbeing. Don’t let their nourishing diet stop after mealtimes.

We also have a range of kitten treats within this range to help you train and reward your new family member, encouraging them to behave and follow rules. With a whole host of flavours and formulas, there’s enough variation for any condition or preference.

The Best Cat Treats

We’ve teamed up with the best and most popular brands and chosen only their five-star rated products to feature within this range. From Pet Munchies to Royal Canin and Logic, there’s chews, treats and crunchy snacks for all types of cats.

Pet Munchies

These premium treats are a gourmet choice for your cat’s health. Made with real meat and fish, these Pet Munchies will help to provide nutrients for your cats and are guaranteed to be a popular choice with your four-legged friend. Check out the Pet Munchies Gourmet Chicken Liver Cat Treats - one of our most popular products!

Royal Canin

Royal Canin Pill Assist for Cats will help you to give your cat their medication in a hidden method which allows quick dosage while your pet enjoys their treat. With an acceptance rate of 91%, these treats will effectively provide energy and vitamins while treating their condition.


This brand has released the Easeflex chews for cats which are specifically designed to support healthy cartilage and normal joint function so your pet can stay on the move.