BAM! Catnip Tub

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BAM! Catnip Tub is the strongest, finest and purest grade catnip grown to the very highest quality in North America.

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Product Details

The BAM! Catnip Tub contains a natural herb that encourages a harmless and playful reaction. This can be sprinkled on scratchers to make them more appealing and deter damage to furniture. Store your cat’s favorite toys in a bag of catnip or give the catnip lose. 


It is available in
  • 21g or 35g Tub

Key Benefits

  • Fragrant herb that inspires lively play.
  • Sprinkle on toys or scratchers to encourage use.
  • 100% North American Catnip.


  • Each tub contains
    100% North American Catnip.