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Treat your cat’s diabetes with trusted, reliable and five-star rated products which have been designed by veterinary experts. Delivered directly and quickly to your door, our products support your efforts to manage your cat’s diabetes enabling them to live happily in comfort. We also stock a range of cat insulin syringes and diabetic cat foods.

Diabetes in cats is a serious condition but you can manage it with the right medication - check out our prices here and save money on cat insulin, pet syringes and diabetic cat foods.

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  1. You save 30%
    Alphatrak 2 Control Solution 10023
  2. You save 25%
    AlphaTRAK 2 Lancets 10025
    AlphaTRAK 2 Lancets
    SRP £26.66
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    AlphaTRAK 2 Test Strips 10027
    AlphaTRAK 2 Test Strips
    SRP £79.30
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    Caninsulin VetPen Starter Pack 3613
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    Caninsulin Cartridges (40iu/ml) 3611
    Caninsulin Cartridges (40iu/ml)
    SRP £155.16
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    Caninsulin (40iu/ml) 10ml 934
    Caninsulin (40iu/ml) 10ml
    SRP £59.06
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    Caninsulin (40iu/ml) 25ml (10 x 2.5ml Vials) 9526
    Caninsulin (40iu/ml) 25ml (10 x 2.5ml Vials)
    SRP £160.40
    Save £100.41
  8. You save 31%
    Caninsulin VetPen Needles 3612
    Caninsulin VetPen Needles
    SRP £48.16
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    ProZinc® 40 IU/ml Suspension for Injection for Cats and Dogs 9923
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    ProZinc U-40 Insulin Syringes 9925
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How Common is Diabetes in Cats

While diabetes is a common condition in cats, there are many ways you can manage it and provide care for your cat. Similar to humans, diabetes affects the glucose levels in your cat meaning the nutrition from their food isn’t always used for energy and instead broken down into their bloodstream. Providing your cat with insulin can help the pancreas regulate their glucose levels and process how it is stored and used. The amount of insulin your cat has however is crucial as the wrong amount or not enough could be life threatening.

Cat diabetes Cost

At Pet Drugs Online we have worked to provide a prescription service where you can access your cat’s diabetes treatment for a better price, meaning you can afford other essentials too. The prescription services offer quick delivery which will arrive straight to your door, meaning you don’t have to leave the house, wait in a queue or bring paperwork with you. We know that long-term conditions can become costly over time, but you could save 65% on the cost of your cat's prescription medication such as insulin when you shop with us. Your pet’s insulin is just a few clicks away. Simply get the prescription from your vet, create an account with us and order it quickly at a much more sustainable cost.

We also stock veterinary-approved syringes and needles that are lightweight and easy to use, meaning you can improve your confidence when applying the insulin to your cat. With improved confidence, you will likely be able to administer your cat’s insulin, quickly and efficiently, reducing the stress for your cat.

Symptoms of cat diabetes

There are four main symptoms to be aware of with cat diabetes. These are: increased thirst and urination, weight loss and an increase in appetite. Cats can be particularly clever at hiding these symptons so they might be easy to miss especially if they spend lots of time outside or in the early stages. 

Cat Diabetes Treatments Brands

Shop with expert brands who have create veterinary-approved formulas to support your cat through their condition. Popular and trusted brands include:


Used and trusted by thousands of cat owners, SOL-M creates syringes which are easy to use with quick application. Our vet says, ‘If your pet has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, or if you’re nervous of injecting- these 0.5ml syringes are really easy to use. Small and light, they have a transparent barrel with clear markings- making it easy to measure dosage. A popular choice with customers.’.


This brand provides the treatment of insulin for those who are deficient and supports you to feel confident with the quality you are using on your cat. Caninsulin has over 15 years of experience in providing owners with the best care for their cat’s diabetes. Leaving your cat’s insulin order in our trusted hands mean you can simply relax and wait for that knock on the door.

Diabetic Cat Food

We also stock the best brands in diabetic cat food, these work to reduce insulin requirements in some diabetic cats and are rich in the antioxidant vitamin E, which helps to neutralise the free radicals produced with diabetes.

Cat diabetes treatments with pet Drugs Online

lessAt Pet Drugs Online, we know that a life-long condition can get expensive. You want to give the best care for your cat, but the cost can make this difficult. We stock some of the best-trusted brands that supply cat diabetes treatments at an affordable price. This includes prescription medications too.