Feliway for Cats

Help your cat feel more at ease with our great range of FELIWAY pheromone products. FELIWAY is clinically proven to reduce signs of stress, reduce conflict between cats, and help them feel safe and secure at home. You can save up to 45% when you buy Feliway Online from Pet Drugs Online, including the Feliway Spray for cats, FELIWAY Cat Diffusers and Feliway refills.

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Cats are creatures of habit and rely on routine and familiarity. However, with modern living, it can be easy to upset the relative calm your cat knows and cause them to become stressed or anxious. This can lead to changes in your cat's behaviour, including behavioural issues such as:

  • Scratching
  • Refusing food 
  • Overgrooming
  • Hiding 
  • Urine spraying 
  • Fighting

The FELIWAY range is designed to help your cat feel calm and secure no matter what life throws their way.

So, whether you're looking to keep your cat calm on their routine vet visit or you're gearing up for a big move, FELIWAY may be just the thing to help your cat feel safe and calm throughout it.

How Does FELIWAY Work? 

Feline pheromones are a kind of "message" that only other cats can understand and go entirely unnoticed by humans and other animals. Cats will release these pheromones to remind themselves they are in a safe and familiar space.

Feline pheromones are most common in mother cats who secrete them to maintain peace and harmony amongst their litter of kittens.

After years of research, FELIWAY has chemically manufactured a version of these pheromones, harnessing them to help cats feel calmer and prevent undesirable behaviours or signs of stress.

FELIWAY Plug-In for Cats

FELIWAY diffusers emit these calming pheromones into your cat's environment, where your cat will naturally react to them, creating a calming effect and helping to manage your cat's stress. These diffusers come in a range of styles, and each FELIWAY plug-in is formulated to help ease certain problems your cat may encounter.

Simply plug your diffuser into a plug socket in the room where your cat spends most of their time and let the happy messages go to work.


The FELIWAY Classic is designed to help your cat feel secure in your home and reduce some of the key signs of stress. Each FELIWAY refill offers 30 days of calming care and covers 70m² for optimum calming potential.

FELIWAY Classic is also available as a fast-acting FELIWAY Spray, which gets to work immediately and lasts up to five hours, making it perfect for travelling.


Cats are naturally solitary animals and can become very territorial in their homes. This can make things difficult when you try to introduce a new cat into the home, leading to conflict between cats, such as:

  • Chasing
  • Fighting
  • Blocking
  • Staring

All of which can be incredibly stressful for one or all cats involved.

FELIWAY Friends is specifically designed to mimic cat appeasing pheromones to help ease signs of conflict when there's more than one cat in the home. This scientifically proven formula creates harmony between cats not unlike that which a mother cat creates in her litter. Each FELIWAY Friends Diffuser offers 30 days of appeasing cat pheromones across 70m² in your home.


The Optimum is the most advanced FELIWAY product available. It harnesses the power of a new feline pheromone complex that helps to promote enhanced serenity in the cats in your home. It combines the power of the FELIWAY Classic to ease signs of stress while also promoting harmony between other cats for the ultimate calming product.

Each FELIWAY Optimum refill lasts for 30 days and covers a 70m² area.


If you're looking for a solution to short-term stress like building works, holiday celebrations, or a way to keep your cat calm while recovering from an injury, then FELIWAY Help! may be the best pick. These diffusers offer your cat 7 days of happy messages to help them feel safe during times of temporary stress.

How Long Does FELIWAY take to work?

How fast your FELIWAY product begins to work depend on which one you chose. THe FELIWAY spray is the fastest acting with results showing after just fifteen minutes. However, it can take up to seven days to change in your cat's behaviour with a FELIWAY diffuser. 

How Many FELIWAY Diffusers Do I Need?

How many FELIWAY diffusers you need depend on the size of your home or the area you're trying to impact. EAch FELIWAY diffuser covers an area of 70m², which shoul cover the average 3 bedroom house. 

If your house is larger than this, it may be best to introduce a second diffuser on the opposite side of the home. 

Can Cats Be Allergic to FELIWAY?
Can FELIWAY Affect Humans?

No. The pheromones in FELIWAY products are feline-specific and will have no affect on any other humans or animals in the home besides cats. 

Is There A FELIWAY Diffuser for Dogs? 

No. However, the manufacture for FELIWAY does also produce a dog pheromone calming remedy called ADAPTIL which works the same way for dogs as FELIWAY does for cats.