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There's no need to worry that your cat will not take their medication. Our range of tablet givers for cats can help to deliver what they need quickly and simply, making the experience hassle-free.

If your cat hates taking tablets, shop cat tablet givers to make life easier and less stressful for everyone.

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  1. You save 45%
    Royal Canin Pill Assist for Cats 3204
  2. You save 7%
    PetAg Nursing Kit 1180
    PetAg Nursing Kit
    SRP £8.08
    Save £0.64
  3. You save 18%
    Aerokat Feline Aerosol Chamber 1029
    Aerokat Feline Aerosol Chamber
    SRP £114.40
    Save £20.91
  4. You save 35%
    Catac Pill Giver
    Catac Pill Giver
    SRP £6.64
    Save £2.39
  5. You save 32%
    Pill Crusher Splitter
    Pill Crusher Splitter
    SRP £12.92
    Save £4.17
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The Best Cat Tablet Givers 

If you’re wondering, how do you give a cat a tablet, the simple way to give your cat their medication without the fuss is by trying out our range of cat pill givers. Designed to help you and your pet make the process much quicker and more effective, these clever cat pill giver designs will mean you’ll never look back. From Aerokat Feline Aerosol Chamber for cats with asthma to a Pill Crusher Splitter, there are many methods you can try to improve your medication technique. With your cat’s safety in mind, you can trust us to have only teamed up with products we use on our own pets at home, so no need to worry if they seem unfamiliar. We want your cat to have the best health, which is why we are so keen to provide this range to you. With hundreds of positive reviews, you can count on us to help your pet’s wellbeing with our range of cat pill givers.

Pet Medication Tools 

Bond with your pet further by using a PetAG Nursing Kit for small kittens or Catac’s Cat Pill Giver to apply the medication to your cat quickly and without hassle or countless frustrating attempts. Simply use these tools to medicate your pet and feel proud of the results. With reviews including ‘Very helpful to administer tablets to a reluctant cat’ and ‘This was great. My cats took their tablets no problem.’. Feel confident and bond with your cat as their trust with you strengthens with our cat tablet givers.

Delicious Tablet Hiding Treats 

If you’re unsure about how to give a cat a tablet in their mouth manually, try hiding it in a tasty treat. EasyPill Cat Putty makes administrating medication to your cat quick and easy with their tasty putty. Simply wrap the putting around the tablet and your pet will swallow it in no time. If you want to try another treat, Royal Canin have created Pill Assist for cats to specifically help pet owners feed their cat their medication. With reviews such as ‘I’ve tried a few tricks and products to try and get my cat to take medication. Royal Canin is by far the best, my cat’s now cry for their treats.’ and ‘My cat loves these so pill giving is no problem now.’, we hope you’ll enjoy the fast results of these cat tablet givers.