Cat Joint Supplements

Joint supplements aren’t necessarily just for elderly cats (though they can be a big help for older kitties). Active young cats can benefit from some support to protect their joints. Whatever your cat's needs, you'll find tablets, liquids and more in our cat joint supplement range. All our products are vet-approved too, so you can be sure you're giving your feline the best care available

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Caring for Feline Joints

Cats can suffer many of the same issues as humans when they age. Struggling with mobility and stiff joints are two of the most common signs of growing old in our feline friends. Maintaining your cat’s joint health means they can stay active and healthy for longer. Helping your cat with joint supplements will ensure they can still stalk, pounce and play, keeping them happy and healthy in their later years.

When Should you Start Giving Joint Supplements to You Cat?

As cats get older, their collagen levels decrease which means the lubricant for their joints and cushion for their tendons also disappears. Arthritis is a common health problem in older cats. Giving your feline joint support as they reach a mature age can help to keep them pain-free and healthy.

Joint supplements aren't just for older cats though. If you have an active cat, giving them joint supplements from an early age can help to protect them from any damage their exploits may cause to their joints.  Giving young cats joint supplements is a great preventative measure to ensure joint health throughout their life.

If you notice your cat is limping or showing signs of lameness, starting on a joint supplement can help them get over their injury. Just be sure to get them to a vet too, to make sure they've not done any big damage!

The Best Cat Joint Supplements

The best cat joint supplement depends on your cat, their needs and preferences, plus your budget. We provide a variety of supplements containing glucosamine, omega and more. With vet-trusted brands and prescription medications for cats, we're confident you can find the perfect joint support for your feline. Our range includes tablets, powders and liquids, which are easy to give to your puss.

Joint Tablets for Cats

Our feline joint tablets include general joint support and prescription anti-inflammatories. Some of the tablets are flavoured, making it easy to medicate your kitty. From soothing stiff joints to arthritis treatments, there's a range of tablets for a variety of joint conditions. If you find it difficult to give your cat tablets, check out cat pill givers.

Liquid Joint Support for Cats

If there's no chance of getting a tablet down your cat, you can still support their joints with some liquid joint care. Simply pour the liquid medication onto their food and they'll take their medication easily. Our liquid joint support for cats includes salmon oil for daily support and specific arthritis care.

Powdered Joint Support for Cats

Another option for cats that won't take tablets, is trying a powdered joint supplement. These powders can give care for arthritis. Many contain glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to give your cat full support for their joints.

Whether you are looking for preventative support for a younger cat, or you need to help an arthritic cat, you can find a joint supplement for their needs in our range. For extra support you can also find food to support their joints in out condition specific cat food range.

If you're unsure which cat joint supplement your puss needs, contact our team who'll be happy to help.