Dog Anxiety Medication

Dog anxiety treatments can help to support your dog in times of stress. Our range includes stress relievers, anxiety tablets for dogs, pheromone diffusers and more. Whatever is causing your dog anxiety, you're sure to find something to calm their nerves in our range of dog anxiety medication below.

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  1. You save 43%
    Adaptil Calm Refill 3935
  2. You save 37%
    Zylkene (Dog & Cat) 1431
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    Adaptil Calm-On-The-Go Collar 9256
    ADAPTIL® Calm On-The-Go Collar for Dogs
    SRP £34.99
    Save £14.52
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    PURINA PRO PLAN® Relax + Supplement Oil for Dogs
    PURINA PRO PLAN® Relax + Supplement Oil for Dogs
    SRP £31.19
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    Special Offer
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    Beaphar CaniComfort® Calming Collar for Adult Dogs
    Beaphar CaniComfort® Calming Collar for Adult Dogs
    SRP £19.99
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    Special Offer
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    YuCALM 10018
    YuMOVE Calming Care for Adult Dogs
    SRP £30.73
    Save £7.25
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    Adaptil Junior Collar 11681
    ADAPTIL® Junior Calming Collar for Puppies
    SRP £33.49
    Save £12.00
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    Adaptil Calm Diffuser Pack 1745
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    Melacutin Chewable Sleep Aid For Dogs 102100
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    Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian 1152
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    Anxitane Chewable Tablets Medium/Large 11362
    Anxitane Chewable Tablets Medium/Large
    SRP £24.16
    Save £5.56
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    Pet Remedy Cat & Dog All-In-One Calming Kit 2404
    Pet Remedy Cat and Dog All-In-One Calming Kit
    SRP £34.99
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  13. LickiMat® Peanut Butter for Dogs
    LickiMat® Peanut Butter for Dogs
    SRP £0.00
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Dog Anxiety Symptoms

Symptoms of anxiety and stress in dogs includes changes in behaviour, such as becoming irritable, upset, nervous or timid. Some symptoms are subtle, you may notice your dog drooling, panting, hiding or pacing, these are all symptoms of anxiety in a dog. Other symptoms of stress and anxiety are more obvious, such as urinating in the house, excessive barking, destructive behaviour and becoming more aggressive.

What Can Cause Stress and Anxiety in a Dog?

Many things can affect a dog's anxiety or stress levels. Lifestyle changes, such as moving to a new house or long car journeys, can cause your dog to become anxious. If you go on holiday, whether with your dog or leaving them with a friend, this can be a stressful time for your dog too. 

Disruptions can cause a dog to become stressed too, such as fireworks and other loud noises. Busy times like Christmas might be great for humans but having a house full of people can stress out even the most confident of dogs, if they're not used to it.

Even being alone can really upset a dog and they may get lonely quickly or anxious without company. Separation anxiety is quite common in dogs, with us humans having busy lives.

IIf you know what trigger's your dog's anxiety, you can be pre-emptive with helping them, with dog anxiety treatments. For instance, when it's coming up to bonfire night, you can start dog calming treatments in the weeks before. At other times, you may need to be reactive with stress relief for dogs.

The Best Dog Anxiety Treatment?

All dogs are different, but sudden changes in behaviour or arising attachment issues can all be signs of your dog needing support through stress relief for dogs. Whether you know there's a stressful time for your dog coming up, or your dog needs regular support, you can find ways to help their stress in our range of dog anxiety treatments. Which is the best treatment depends on your dog, some will respond well to simple distractions, others may need dog anxiety medications. We have a range of options of calming medication for dogs available to help your best friend.


Pheromones can be used to send comforting messages to your pup. These dog anxiety treatments are odourless and used by dogs to communicate. Adaptil isa popular choice when it comes to helping you’re your dog with pheromones, this brand uses pheromones that a mother dog sends to her puppies, called Dog Appeasing Pheromones. Within the Adaptil range of dog anxiety medication you can find collars, diffusers and sprays.

Natural Remedies for Dog Anxiety

Natural remedies can be a great way to give your dog some stress relief. Natural stress relief for dogs include various calming ingredients such as L-Theanine, lemon balm and valerian, all of which are known to relieve stress, help with anxiety and encourage relaxation in your dog.

Boredom Breakers And Stress Relief For Dogs

If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety in particular, sometimes a simple distraction can help as a dog anxiety treatment.  Bordedom breaker dog toys can be a great distraction and aid in stress relief for dogs as they can take your dog’s mind off of the situation. Boredom breakers such as chew toys and food toys can keep your dog focused and entertained for long periods of time, making toys the perfect dog anxiety treatment so they won’t be occupied worrying about you.

Dog Anxiety Medication

For dogs that really struggle with anxiety, they may need anxiety medication for dogs. This is available as a wide range of anxiety tablets for dogs and other dog anxiety treatments that may need a prescription for your vet.  

When your dog needs support with their stress and anxiety, you can help them with our range of dog anxiety treatments and medication. Keeping them calm and safe, as well as knowing their triggers, are all important when they are anxious. We're confident you can find the best anxiety treatment for your pup in our range. If you need any help deciding which treatment or calming pills for dogs would be best for you contact our team today.