Protexin® VETERINARY SereniCare® Calming Support Sachets for Dogs & Cats 1g Sachets

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SereniCare® Calming Support Sachets for Dogs & Cats has been formulated to help manage stress, anxiety and gut health. 

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Product Details

SereniCare® is a calming support for dogs and cats, containing a blend of 4 key ingredients that includes Alpha-casozepine for calming, L-tryptophan for mood support, and a postbiotic blend for stress management. Also, Fibersol supports gut health.

SereniCare® is suitable to use in situations such as:

  • Noise sensitivity (fireworks and thunderstorms)
  • Stressful situations (vet visits, moving home, kennels/cattery, travelling)
  • Separation anxiety
  • Social fear (unfamiliar visitors)
  • General anxiety

The prebiotics selectively feed beneficial bacteria, supporting a diverse and healthy microbiome. The postbiotics are inactivated microorganisms which remain bioactive in the gut, providing health.

Protexin® VETERINARY SereniCare® Calming Support Sachets for Dogs & Cats are available in the following size:
  • 30 Pack (30 x 1g Sachets)
Key Benefits
  • Contains key ingredients to help with stress, anxiety & gut health
  • Suitable for stressful situations
  • Contains prebiotics & postbiotics
  • Product Composition
    Maltodextrin (Fibersol-2 Prebiotic) (37%), Hydrolysed milk protein powder (30%), Magnesium stearate, Inactivated Bifidobacterium longum ES1 CECT 7347 (Postbiotic) (0.5%, 500 million cells per sachet), Inactivated Lactobacillus rhamnosus BPL15 CECT 8361 (Postbiotic) (0.5%, 500 million cells per sachet)
  • Nutritional Additives
    Amino Acids: L-Tryptophan 250,000 mg/kg
  • Sensory Additives
    Mixture of flavouring compounds (synthetic chicken) 20,000mg/kg