Dog Dental Care

Dog dental care is an important habit to get into, not only to keep their teeth clean and breath fresh, but to also keep your pet happy and healthy. Nowadays, it's easy to keep on top of your dog's oral health, just take a look at our range of toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental chews and more below.

There are so many simple ways to tackle dog dental care - including toothpastes and easy to use toothbrushes, plus tasty dog dental chews. A healthy mouth and fresh breath for all puppies and dogs couldn’t be easier.

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    Veggie Dent Chews 1761
  2. YUM® Plaq Attaq Dental Sticks for Dogs
    YUM® Plaq Attaq Dental Sticks for Dogs
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    Logic Prozym Dental Chew for Dogs 4667
    LOGIC® PROZYM® Dental Chews for Dogs
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    Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit 2535
    Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit
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    TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care Kit for Puppies
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    Nylabone Puppy Teething Toys: Pacifier Chew 2542
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    Nylabone Puppy Keys Teething Toy
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    ProDen PlaqueOff® Powder for Dogs
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    ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Dog Chew Bones 1112
    ProDen PlaqueOff® Dental Care Bones for Dogs
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    Virbac Toothpaste Kit 716
    Virbac Toothpaste Kit for Cats and Dogs
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    Pet Dent Antibacterial Mouth Gel 1376
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    Virbac Hexarinse For Cats & Dogs 1213
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    TropiClean Fresh Breath Dental Health Solution for Puppies
    TropiClean Fresh Breath Dental Health Solution for Puppies
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    Beaphar Toothbrush & Toothpaste Dental Care Kit for Dogs and Cats
    Beaphar Toothbrush & Toothpaste Dental Care Kit for Dogs and Cats
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    Beaphar Advanced Dual-Enzyme Liver Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats
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Is it Really Necessary to Clean Your Dogs Teeth?

It is absolutely necessary to clean your dogs' teeth! Dental care is an important part of their healthcare and should be taken seriously. Having a dental routine with your dog can help to prevent painful and expensive issues further down the line.

In the UK 87% of dogs over the age of three are affected by periodontal disease. Your dog’s teeth require regular checks and maintenance in a similar way human’s do, their gum health is important in preventing diseases such as gum disease. Making sure their dental care routine includes preventing the build-up of plaque, promote hygiene and of course keeping their breath as fresh as possible are important steps to keeping them healthy.

If your dog is less cooperative or resistant to try their new dental care routine, try frequently hand feeding them, gently opening their mouth occasionally and trying to carefully look at their teeth so they get used to the motion of your hand in their mouth. This will help support your efforts when practising cleaning their teeth or checking for any infections. In-between your dental care routines, try to book in a dental check up every 6-12 months with your vet to keep on top of any issues before they develop.

The Best Dog Dental Care Products  

We know that dog’s reactions to toothbrushes and pastes can be mixed, but we have developed a range of dental care with dogs with brands to deliver only the most delicious pastes and gels on the market making it hard for your dog to resist. Oral hygiene sits at the centre of good dental healthcare for our dogs, so we provide a wide variety of dental products to help you keep on top of your dog's oral health, making it easy even if your dog doesn't like you messing with your mouth. Here are some of the products you can choose from:  

Dog Toothpaste and Brushes

The best way to keep your dog's teeth clean and plaque-free is the old fashioned way: with a toothbrush and paste. Just like humans, brushing your dog's teeth will remove plaque and protect from gum disease. Dog toothpaste is flavoured so your pooch will feel like they are getting a treat as you brush. Make sure you only use toothpaste that is suitable for dogs, not only is the flavour more likely to make them accept the brushing but, unlike human toothpaste, it doesn't foam.

Many of our toothbrushes and toothpastes for dogs are suitable for puppies too. If you have a puppy or a dog that has not had their teeth brushed before, introduce them to this slowly. Put some paste on a brush and let them lick it, over a few days slowly move to put the brush in their mouth, then develop this into a brushing motion.

Dental Chews

Although brushing is the best way to look after your dog's teeth, some pups simply won't accept this. Not to worry, there are other ways to help to keep their teeth clean!

One of these ways is using dental chews. This type of takes your dog a longer time to chew. As they chew, they will naturally brush of some plaque. Some dental chews also include ingredients that help to prevent plaque from building up.

Dental Food

Within our condition sepcific dog food you will find food that will help with dental care. These foods will help to keep plaque and tartar at bay. Dental care foods tend to be dry dog food as the kibble is designed to be chewed, helping to brush away some plaque. Dental care foods also contain ingredients that help to support oral health.

Other Dental Care Products

There are many other ways to keep your dogs' teeth clean without brushing. There are dental gels and powders that can be sprinkled onto foods. You can also find tablets that support oral health, as well as some dog toys that can help with dental health. Rope toys and dental-specific toys can help to support your dogs' oral health.

Your Dog's Dental Care

Whether your dog will let you brush their teeth or not, we have a range of dental care products that can help support your dog's oral health. If your dog is new to dental care, be sure to introduce their new routine slowly. Once you have a routine, they will look forward to their oral care!

Remember, if your dog is in pain, or not eating due to dental problems, it is time to see a vet. It's also important to have regular dental check-ups to catch any dental problems early.

If you need some advice on your dog's dental care, call one of our team who will be happy to help with your questions or check our our Pet Advice Blog. 

How to care for your dog's teeth