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Dog Calming Tablets & Treatments

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Your dog’s behaviour can change based on triggers and life events, however, getting to the route of your dog's anxiety can take time and expert advice. Shop from many tried and trusted dog calming medication including Zylkene, Adaptil, Calmex and Pet Remedy. At Pet Drugs Online, we have a variety of calming tablets, air diffusers and other products to ease dog anxiety, reduce stress and support calm behaviour.

Do you have an anxious or stressed dog? Shop the range of dog calmers and calming tablets. From YuCALM to Adaptil plug ins, there is something to calm every dog's nerves.

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  1. You save 45%
    Zylkene (Dog & Cat) 1431
    Zylkene (Dog & Cat)
    Special Offer
    SRP £16.76
    You save £7.58
  2. You save 41%
    Adaptil Calm Refill
    Adaptil Calm Refill
    SRP £29.76
    You save £12.36
  3. You save 5%
    Valerian Drops For Dogs & Cats
    Valerian Drops For Dogs & Cats
    SRP £13.10
    You save £0.69
  4. You save 47%
    Adaptil Junior Collar 11681
    Adaptil Junior Collar
    Special Offer
    SRP £32.94
    You save £15.74
  5. You save 29%
    SRP £30.73
    You save £9.13
  6. You save 19%
    Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian
    Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian
    SRP £13.81
    You save £2.67
  7. You save 46%
    Adaptil Calm-On-The-Go Collar 9256
    Adaptil Calm-On-The-Go Collar
    Special Offer
    SRP £33.58
    You save £15.78
  8. You save 25%
    Calmex for Dogs
    Calmex for Dogs
    SRP £14.08
    You save £3.60
  9. You save 20%
    Melacutin Chewable Sleep Aid for Dogs
  10. You save 7%
    Pet Remedy Cat & Dog Calming Wipes 2405
  11. You save 47%
    Adaptil Transport Spray 9258
    Adaptil Transport Spray
    Special Offer
    SRP £35.03
    You save £16.67
  12. You save 24%
    VeggieDent Zen Dog Dental Chews
    VeggieDent Zen Dog Dental Chews
    SRP £10.03
    You save £2.46
  13. You save 25%
    Pet Remedy Cat & Dog All-In-One Calming Kit 2404
  14. You save 49%
    Adaptil Calm Diffuser Pack 1745
    Adaptil Calm Diffuser Pack
    Special Offer
    SRP £35.10
    You save £17.28
  15. You save 14%
    SRP £16.80
    You save £2.40
  16. You save 21%
    Adaptil Express Stress Relief
    Adaptil Express Stress Relief
    SRP £13.02
    You save £2.82
  17. You save 11%
    Pet Remedy Cat & Dog De-stress & Calming Shampoo 2407
  18. You save 36%
    Dog Calming Pack 2272
    Dog Calming Pack
    SRP £81.84
    You save £30.24
  19. You save 19%
    Pet Remedy Atomiser
    Pet Remedy Atomiser
    SRP £19.82
    You save £3.78
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Why Do Dogs Feel Anxious?

An anxious pet can be upsetting. After all, we want them to feel happy and calm. Help them feel reassured and settle their nerves with our selection of dog calmers. Their behaviour is a reflection of their emotions and needs, our veterinary experts have spent years researching possible triggers but also a variety of solutions to help you help them.Any environment for a dog should be a safe space where they feel comfortable and confident, but life can get in the way of this.

Big changes such as moving to a new house, bringing a new pet into the family home or taking your dog to new places such as the office, vets or other homes can all be contributing factors to why they might be feeling anxious.

Other things to think about are if your dog is a rescue pet, they may have underlying issues that can be triggered by what may seem the smallest of things and without realising can be quite distressing for them.

Best Calmers for Dogs

Shop from quality products which are guaranteed to bring you effective results from tablets, air diffusers to collars in order to find something to suit your pet. Our collection of dog calmers has been trickled through a process of elimination to ensure only the best make the range. Our bestsellers feature Zylkene, Adaptil, Calmex and Pet Remedy.


Zylkene is a natural based calming supplement which can be given to dogs a few days before a stressful day, event or trigger which will aim to soothe their anxiety. This bestselling brand will help you and your pet to live comfortably at home.


The household name Adaptil is a well-known brand which provides unique pheromone solution to canine stress and help comfort their anxieties. Watch their behaviour change and their mood resume back to normal with their range of comforting products.


This calming brand is known to specially target anxious or nervous dogs allowing you to support your pet, especially for when they're not feeling their best.

Pet Remedy

Reviews from our customers include ‘This product does what it says on the tin.’, ‘Great product. Excellent service.’ and ‘Very happy with this item’. Picked and packed by our warehouse team in Somerset, our customers are at the heart of what we do.

Quick Delivery on Dog Calmers

Ease your dog into feeling more like their usual self quickly with our fast delivery. Shop wisely, add your top picks into your favourites and watch the savings reveal themselves at checkout. Not only does this mean you can shop for other essentials such as dog food, supplements, and toys but you can sustain a calm and happy pet.