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More Than a Man's Best Friend

Your dog is more than your best friend, your dog is family. And family means taking care of one other, your dog looks after you and you look after them throughout their life, from puppies to senior dogs.

Here at Pet Drugs Online, we carry everything you need to take the best care of your dog and help them live a happy and healthy life. From general healthcare, treatment for conditions, nutritious dog food, and accessories like dog toys and leads for walks.

Dog Healthcare Products

Your dog’s healthcare is the biggest priority for us and you. We stock a wide range of affordable healthcare products for dogs to make sure that they have the best care possible.

Browse our range of flea and tick treatments for dogs to help keep your dog flea and tick free no matter where they go. We also stock a wide range of worming treatments  that can prevent and treat your dog from worms. Both treatments come in sprays, spot-on, and tablets so that you can make sure your dog takes their medication when needed.


To make sure your dog gets the right nutrients in their diet, we also offer dog vitamins and supplements to help keep them happy and healthy. Ranging from dog multivitamins, dog supplements for health conditions, puppy supplements to support growth, and even joint supplements for older dogs.

And finally, no healthcare routine is complete without grooming. From shampoos, clippers, brushes, or something for skin conditions, we stock a wide range of dog grooming supplies that will make your pooch ‘top dog’.


Treating Your Dog’s Conditions

Just like humans, there are some health conditions that dogs can have or happen frequently. We have a wide range of products to help treat and support their dog conditions at affordable prices.

Many dogs need ear and eye treatments. We have just the products to help them. Our range of dog ear treatments can help your dog with ear infections or help prevent wax build-up. Eye treatments for dogs are great for dogs that have weepy eyes or stains around their eyes. Our eye wipes can help them look and feel their best.

A lot of dogs also suffer from skin conditions [SH/S1] and it can be upsetting and cause itching and scaling skin for your dog. Whether it is dermatitis, allergies or an infection, you can find what you need to help treat their skin condition.

If your dog suffers from anxiety, it can impact their health and wellbeing, but there are a lot of dog anxiety and stress relievers that can calm your dog’s anxiety, including chews and de-stressing sprays and tablets.

For long-term health conditions that require ongoing medication and treatments, we stock a wide range of products to help your dog live a happy and healthy life. From dog health conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, or joint issues, you can browse our products and find the best treatments for your dog’s condition.

Dog Food

We stock a wide range of high quality of dog food from brands that vets trust. They are filled with all the right nutrients and minerals for a healthy diet. From dry dog food and wet dog food and all different kinds of flavours, your dog is spoilt for choice.

We also stock a great range of breed specific dog food and dog foods for particular conditions. This means you can find the perfect food to meet your dogs needs.

You can also buy age specific dog food. For example, puppy food provides your pup with all the nutrition it needs to grow and develop. And adult and senior dog food help to give your dog a healthy balance or help with joint issues.

Your pooch also deserves a dog treat every once in a while. They are also an important part of your dog’s diet. Where we all love to give our dogs something special, treats are also a great training aid.

Dog Accessories

Having a dog is more than just making sure they are healthy and strong; you have to make sure they are happy. And nothing makes a dog happier than hearing the words ‘play’ or ‘walk.’ For playtime, we have a range of dog toys that can keep your dog active, engaged and entertained, including chew toys, squeakers, kongs, and more.

Taking your dog out for walks not only makes them happy but also is a great exercise for their health. We have a range of dog collars and leads for walks both in the day and with flashing collars you can see your dog at night. For more, check out our full dog accessories range.


Puppy Products

Puppies need more attention on their healthcare and nutrition to help their development so they can grow big and strong. Our range of puppy products are specialised for younger dogs to give them the attention they need. As their immune system is low, puppies are also more susceptible to infections and unwanted guests. To help treat these we have a range of puppy flea treatments and puppy wormers.

Puppies also need the right nutrition in their food, puppy food contains all the right minerals that they need to grow and develop as they age. And it also gives them the proper nutrients to strengthen their immune system and bones. For training, give your pup some puppy treats, which are also filled with great minerals.

Puppies also need lots of stimulation to keep them learning, puppy toys help keep their brain active, and it is a great bonding moment between you and your new pup. 


Vet Prescriptions For Dog Drugs

As our name suggests, our specialty is prescription dog medicines. When your dog’s health issues become more than minor, you can make sure they get the proper care and remedies. If your vet prescribes medication, ask for the written prescription rather than filling the prescription in at the vet. You can then fill the prescriptions here at Pet Drugs Online and save up to 76% - and always get free shipping on orders over £29.

If you need any help on choosing the best dog treatments or products, contact our team who will be happy to help!


Your dog is more than your best friend. Your dog is family. They keep you company when you’re home, and they aren’t shy about showing their joy when you come home after a day out. There’s nothing quite like getting hit by their wagging tail, or getting jumped on and licked in a blur of doggy bliss when they see you. Their excitement about going for walks is infectious, and you’re as healthy for walking them as they are from being walked. They look out for you throughout the day, and you look after them throughout their lives.From puppies to senior dogs, Pet Drugs Online carries everything you need to take the best care of your dog.


If you have a bitch about to whelp, if you have new born puppies that aren’t feeding well, or if you have a very young adopted puppy, Welpi whelping powder is the closest substitute to bitches’ milk on the market. For weak or underweight puppies, our vets also recommend PuppyStim.

Puppy Food

We believe in starting off with good nutrition from the moment you bring your puppy home, regardless of size or breed. Which puppy food you feed your dog will determine its health and life span. We recommend Royal Canin puppy food, James Wellbeloved puppy food or Purina Pro Plan puppy food from the start.

Puppy Care

Most of the time, when we first adopt, all we need are a few puppy treats and some puppy toys to begin a lifelong bond. Sometimes newly adopted puppies have a bit of difficulty adjusting to new surroundings, when this happens we recommend our Adaptil puppy calming pack. Rescue animals in particular are subject to issues like puppy diarrhea, fleas, and worms. We also strongly recommend getting your puppy to a veterinarian for a full check-up.

Dog Care

Often there’s more to dog care than feeding and walking. Like humans, dogs and puppies can benefit from a wide variety of vitamins and supplements that will improve their health and lengthen their life span. Getting a dog toothbrush and dog dental care should begin as early possible, and so should eye and ear care, joint supplements and urinary care early on can help reduce issue later in your dog’s life, and probiotics and digestive care along with liver and kidney supplements can help keep their internal organs working optimally.

We also carry a wide range of dog accessories that will help to create a happy and healthy home for your dog. Dog grooming products – especially anti-bacterial shampoos and cleansing wipes – will help keep your dog clean and fresh. And dog toys like Chuckit! balls, fetch toys and Kong chew toys help keep dogs and puppies happy and active.

Worm and Flea Treatments for Dogs and Puppies

Because we are a fully licensed vet pharmacy, we sell a full range of prescription and non-prescription wormers and flea treatments for dogs and puppies with savings up to 66%. You can choose from flea collars, spot-on flea treatments, spot on wormers, flea tablets, puppy wormer suspension, and dog wormer tablets. If you have a vet prescription for flea treatments like Bravecto or flea and wormers like Advocate or Nexguard, you can fill it online with us and save up to 76%.

Dog Travel

We carry dog travel bowls that are safe, and environmentally friendly, dog leads and even a dog harness for the car. You can even get eco friendly dog poop bags for daily walks or long distance travel. We also offer an exclusive Adaptil dog travel pack to calm and sooth your dog on the road.

Vet Prescriptions for Dog Drugs

As our name suggests, our specialty is prescription pet drugs. When your dog’s health issues become more than minor, you can make sure they get proper care and remedies. Issues like bloody dog stools, blood in dog diarrhea, persistent fleas and ticks, arthritis, eye or ear infections should all be checked by a vet.

If your vet prescribes medicine, ask for the written prescription rather than filling the prescription at the vet’s, fill the prescription at Pet Drugs Online and save up to 76% - and always get free shipping on orders over £29.