Mouse & Rat Food

Mice and rats love their grub but they are pickier than some people think - don't worry they'll be chuffed to bits with our range of mouse and rat food.

Care for your mouse or rat with high-quality, nutritious mouse and rat food. Browse the best options and help make their mealtimes a highlight of the day. Shop popular brands at sustainable prices so that you always have options from the best mouse and rat food, including Oxbow, Science Selective and Supreme Original Reggie Rat.

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Nutritious Mouse and Rat Food

While your mouse and rat may enjoy nibbling on their food, they still need essential nutrients to grow and develop while supporting their wellbeing. Our job as a responsible pet owner includes filling their bowl full of food, we know will provide them with a balanced diet. Mice and rats are driven by smell, our range has been put together based on their natural instincts to satisfy their hunger while providing all the key nutrients they need for their growth and development. Your duty of care as a pet owner is to make sure their diet is balanced while caring for their needs and specific characteristics. Every mouse and rat deserve a wholesome and nourishing bowl full of food. Their nutrients will help to not only prolong their life and give them a healthy future. At Pet Drugs Online, we offer value for money so that you can feed your rodent premium food for less. We think everyone should have access to quality, without financial worries or implications.

The Best Mouse and Rat Food Brands

Get their ears and noses twitching for mealtimes and let them look forward to their next bowl of nutrients. We've collaborated with well-established and bestselling brands to make sure you've got plenty of choice including Oxbow, Science Selective and Supreme Original Reggie Rat.


Give your pet the best from Oxbow. This brand takes your pet very seriously and has made it their mission to deliver high-quality nutrients to your mouse and rat. Their premium recovery food Critical Care Fine Grind is to help herbivores who are unable to eat due to illness, surgery or poor nutritional status. Specialising in boost nutrients in weaker mice and rats, this food contains high amounts of fibre to ensure proper gut physiology and digestion.

Science Selective

A small-pet favourite, Science Selective has developed Science Selective Mouse and Science Selective Rat to provide you choice for your specific pet. Enjoy feeding them five-star rated food which will enable them to live well with a great wellbeing and long-term future. Described by our customers as ‘Good Stuff- the mice gobble it up.’ and ‘Best food for rats.’.

Supreme Original Reggie Rat

Get prepared and stock up on Supreme Original Reggie Rat. This product is a nutritional balanced, tasty mix for rats and mice. A household favourite, this food comes from the Tiny Friend Farm in Hadleigh, Suffolk, Supreme wants to make sure your pet is enjoying their food even as wellbeing full of nutritional benefits. Ingredients include maize, oats, wheat, and peas to bring you vibrant veg and crops in every bowlful.

Love them well for less

Enjoy free delivery when you spend over £29, so feel ready to stock up and enjoy further savings. Love them well for less and feel confident in your supplies.