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Dog Vitamins & Supplements

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Dog supplements are a great way to support your dog’s nutrition and keep them happy and healthy. From dog multivitamins for nutritional support, to dog supplements for various health conditions such as joint vitamins and more. See the benefits quickly as our dog vitamins enhance their strength, stamina, and health.

Browse our huge range of dog vitamins and supplements at low online prices. From joint supplements for dogs, to probiotic drops.

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  1. You save 33%
    YuMOVE Dog Essential Joint Support 1738
    YuMOVE Dog Essential Joint Support
    SRP £21.89
    Save £7.41
  2. You save 53%
    Seraquin Chewable Glucosamine Supplements For Dogs 907
  3. You save 19%
    Protexin Pro-Kolin Advanced for Dogs 2249
    Protexin Pro-Kolin Advanced for Dogs
    SRP £15.54
    Save £3.06
  4. You save 5%
    Valerian Drops For Dogs & Cats
  5. You save 16%
    YuCARE MultiVits for Adult Dogs 4660
    YuCARE MultiVits for Adult Dogs
    SRP £41.99
    Save £7.00
  6. You save 17%
    Dorwest Digestive Supplement Tablets
  7. You save 29%
    Protexin Professional for Cats and Dogs 1385
  8. You save 24%
    Onychotin (Biotin 2.5mg)
    Onychotin (Biotin 2.5mg)
    SRP £20.18
    Save £4.90
  9. You save 16%
    YuMOVE Daily Bites for Adult Dogs 3318
  10. You save 20%
    YuMOVE Senior Joint Supplement for Dogs 3260
    YuMOVE Senior Joint Supplement for Dogs
    SRP £41.94
    Save £8.45
  11. You save 22%
    Protexin Pro-Kolin+ for Cats and Dogs 905
  12. You save 26%
    Verm-X Liquid for Dogs
    Verm-X Liquid for Dogs
    SRP £23.22
    Save £6.23
  13. You save 7%
    SRP £17.35
    Save £1.37
  14. You save 33%
    Samylin Sachet
    Samylin Sachet
    SRP £43.48
    Save £14.50
  15. You save 27%
    Kaminox Liquid 1492
    Kaminox Liquid
    SRP £20.70
    Save £5.59
  16. You save 8%
    Esbilac Nursing Kit
    PetAg Nursing Kit
    SRP £8.09
    Save £0.65
  17. You save 23%
    Arthri Aid Omega Liquid (Cat/Dog)
  18. You save 38%
    Protexin Pro-Soluble Dogs/Cats 1384
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Should I Give My Dog Vitamins and Supplements?

Yes, dogs require vitamins as part of their diet just as humans do. Dog vitamins keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy, strengthen bones and teeth, and give them the overall energy that they need to function. However, most young and healthy dogs that are on well-balanced, quality foods do not need extra dog supplements. The dog food companies do this for us and add the required vitamins into their food. But sometimes food alone will not meet all your dog’s health requirements and might need supplements. Or, if your dog has special medical needs and conditions, supplements are a great way to help your dog live a happy life. Different breeds and ages also contribute to the need for having dog vitamins and minerals.

What Are the Best Dog Supplements?

We can't look at you the way your dog looks at you when it’s dinner time, but we can provide nutritious supplements for you to give your dog the healthy body they deserve. Disguise in our wet dog food or bury in their favourite treats to deliver them a balanced and well-nourished diet. Our dog vitamins and dog supplements have been described as ‘Amazing’ and ‘Always good for my dog, thank you’, giving them a new lease of life.

Joint supplements

Keeping your dog and active on the move is important, with our range of joint vitamins for dogs you can support your dog’s joint tissue and mobility. See our joint supplements page  to view our full collection that supports ageing dogs and enhances their physical health to keep them happy and comfortable.

Nutritional support

Dog vitamins and minerals are vital in their nutritional support and can help everything ranging from arthritis and joint stiffness to heart health, digestion, and coat care. The most popular dog supplements are glucosamine, fish oil, antioxidants, and probiotics, as well as multivitamins with vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, and choline. All are important in development and living a happy life.

Puppy supplements

Puppies grow at an incredible rate and need the proper nutrition and right vitamins to do this properly. Puppy supplements help your puppy develop and aids in growth but also help their bodies repair themselves when needed and helps to build a strong immune system. To see our full puppy range, visit our Puppy Supplements and Vitamins page.

Senior dog supplements

As dogs age they need different nutrition from their food and are more likely to develop bone and joint problems and their immune system may become weaker. Supplements for older dogs are important to maintain their muscles and support their organs and immune system.

Best Dog Supplements Brands

Our range of supplements offer hard-to-come-by ingredients, meaning their diet can miss out and lead to issues later down the line including joint and mobility issues. Not only this, but our collection of vitamins and supplements also features products especially for older dogs or those who are already suffering from these issues to give them the best quality of life.

Our customers are particularly enjoying Seraquin, Purina and YuMOVE to enhance their dog’s strength, stamina and movement with reviews including ‘Great value for money and easy to put on’ and ‘Excellent’. One of our bestsellers YuMOVE Dog Essential Joint Support features Great Lipped Muscle for improved stiff joints, Vitamins C and E for maintaining joint mobility, Glucosamine for cartilage support as well as Hyaluronic Acid for lubrication and joint cushion.


Active Ease has released the product YuMOVE dog tablets knowing how effective it is. With hundreds of reviews, YuMOVE joint supplement for dogs enables you to save on this quality product and support joints and canine mobility


Support your dogs’ stamina, balance, and strength with Seraquin. This brand prides themselves on delivering specific nutrients to your dog to give them the quick boost they need. As one of our bestsellers save up to 53% on their chewable tablets.


This well-known brand provides supplements that promotes good health and balance within our dogs. Purina is a popular name that many customers use simply because of their trusted research, effective products, and excellent results.