Dog Health

No matter how attentive you are as a dog owner, there's always the risk of something going wrong, whether it's due to injury or disease. Your pet's health has always been at the forefront of everything we do, and at Pet Advice, we have a range of blogs to help you better understand your dog's health and what you can do to help. Whether it's finding an effective flea and tick treatment for dogs or learning how to protect your pet from worms, we're here to help. 

Can dogs get diabetes header | Pet Drugs Online
22 November 2023

Can Dogs Get Diabetes?

Diabetes is a life-long condition that can have dire consequences on your dog's health if not managed properly. Find out more about canine diabetes, including the early warning signs and what treatments are available, in our latest blog.

Why is my dog's eyes red | Pet Drugs Online
25 October 2023

Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red?

Red eyes are a sure sign that something is wrong with your dog, whether the condition is related to their eyes or not. From glaucoma and dry eye to allergies and conjunctivitis, find out what's causing your dog's red eyes and how to treat it. 

Dog Tear Stains: Causes & Treatment
18 October 2023

Dog Tear Stains: Causes & Treatment

Does your dog suffer from tear staining? You’re not alone. Tear stains are a common problem that many dog owners face, but that’s where we come in. Learn how to recognise and treat tear stains in dogs with our latest blog.

Dangers of dehydration in dogs header
17 July 2023

Dehydration in Dogs

Dogs, just like every living thing, need water to survive. In this blog, we’re going to walk you through the symptoms of canine dehydration as well as the causes of it so you can ensure your dog isn’t at risk. 

What is the Best Flea Treatment for Dogs
6 July 2023

What is the Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

When it comes to our pets, we all want the very best. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best over-the-counter flea treatment options for your cat or dog, all of which are available at competitive prices without the need for a vet’s prescription. 

How to give a dog a tablet header
15 June 2023

How to Give a Dog Tablets

One of the inevitabilities of pet owners is at some point having to administer them medication. And while we know that the medicine is for their good, this isn’t something your dog can understand. Here we discuss the best ways to give your god tablets, including how to hide tablets for dogs. 

Best dog worming treatments
29 May 2023

What is the Best Worming Treatment for Dogs?

Maintaining your dog's health and well-being is your sole responsibility as a pet owner. This means providing them with appropriate food and taking them for checkups with the vet, and keeping up with their routine healthcare treatments, including worming. Here, we discuss the best worming treatments for dogs to help you find the most suitable choice for your pet. 

How to care for your dogs ears
22 May 2023

How to Care For Your Dogs Ears

As a dog owner, it's essential to maintain your dog's health both inside and out, and this includes their ears. There are a number of factors that play into routine dog ear care, and here we talk you through what healthy dogs ears should look like and what to do if you think there's a problem. 

How to Cut Dogs Nails
27 April 2023

How to Cut Dogs Nails

Cutting your dog’s nails is more than just a cosmetic need, but an integral part of maintaining your dog’s health. By trimming their claws, you can help avoid embedded dog claws and other issues. In our guide, we walk you through how to trim your dog's claws, including how to cut black dog nails, so your dog can stay happy and healthy. 

arthritis in dogs
20 April 2023

Understanding Arthritis in Dogs

Did you know that four out of five dogs are likely to develop arthritis in their lifetime? In our latest blog, we explain the symptoms of arthritis in dogs, as well as what you can do to prevent and treat it.