Cat Well Being

Keeping pets as happy and healthy as they can be is at the root of everything we do, and with our collection of cat well-being blogs we can help you do the same. Whether you want to know how to keep your cat warm in the winter, or you're looking to find what you need to welcome a new bundle of fur into your home, Pet Advice is here to help. 

What is Flea Allergy Dermatitis and How to Treat it
3 April 2024

What is Flea Allergy Dermatitis and How to Treat it

Did you know that pets can be allergic to fleas? Find out how to recognise the signs of flea allergy dermatitis and what you can do to help a pet that's allergic to flea bites. 

Spring Dangers for Pets
20 March 2024

Spring Dangers for Pets

From weed killers that are toxic to pets to seasonal allergies, find out how to keep your pet safe this spring with our guide to spring dangers for cats and dogs.

Should You Give Cats Baths?
21 February 2024

Should You Ever Bathe a Cat?

Giving a cat a bath sounds like a risk no one wants to undertake, but some owners have no choice. In our latest guide, we walk you through how to bathe a cat, how to acclimate them to water, and what shampoos to use. 

Get rid of fleas inthe home
15 November 2023

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House

Did you know that only 5% of fleas in an infestation are on your pet? Flea eggs, larvae and pupae are able to burrow into your home, making it even easier for them to reinfest your pet. Here, we explain how to combat the fleas living in your home, so you can effectively break the flea lifecycle.

Firework Stress for Pets Header
1 November 2023

Why Are Pets Scared of Fireworks & What Can You Do to Help

While we find fireworks delightful, they can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in pets. Here we discuss the effects fireworks may have on your pet and how you can help them cope with this Bonfire Night.

Essential Oils Toxic to Pets Header
12 October 2023

Essential Oils That Are Toxic to Pets

Just because something is natural doesn’t necessarily make it safe. Essential oils have been used for decades for their lovely smells and are often found in various products and practices,  including homeware products, beauty products, aromatherapy, and more. But did you know some of these oils also pose a deadly threat to our four-legged friends? 

Cat-calming pheromones explained header
25 September 2023

Pheromones for Cats Explained

Sometimes, cats can become stressed and anxious when things interrupt their routine, and it’s our responsibility as their owners to ensure they feel safe and at ease. Here, we discuss cat-calming pheromones, which are one of the most popular and effective ways to help your cat feel safe in times of stress.

Autumn Pet Safety Tips Header
18 September 2023

Autumn Pet Safety Tips

As the seasons change again, so do the potential threats to your pet's health. In our latest blog, we take a look at some of the main dangers to consider this autumn to keep your pet safe. 

do cats get separation anxiety header
11 September 2023

Can Cats Get Separation Anxiety?

Despite being solitary animals by nature, cats can still be susceptible to separation anxiety which can lead to a number of issues for both your and your cat. Take a look at our latest blog so you can learn how to recognise the signs of anxiety in cats and what you can do to help them feel more at ease when you're gone. 

Should cats be kept indoors header
10 August 2023

Is it Cruel to Keep a Cat Indoors?

There is much debate about whether cats should be kept indoors or left to explore the outside world. Here, we discuss why people would choose to keep their cats indoors and what adjustments you need to make to care for them.