Eye Drops & Ear Products for Dogs

Keep care of your dog's hearing and vision with our range of eye and ear products. Including eye drops and ear wipes for regular maintenance, and solutions for infections, you can keep these vital sensory organs in tip-top condition with our vet-selected products. Love them well.

Give your dog's ears and eyes special attention with the range of treatments and products from Pet Drugs Online. From eye drops to ear cleaners, we have everything you need to keep your dog in tip top condition.

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  1. You save 39%
    Remend® BioHAnce™ Dry Eye Lubricant Drops for Dogs
  2. You save 34%
    Epiotic Ear Cleaner 1167
  3. You save 36%
    Dechra CleanAural® Dog Ear Cleaner 2859
  4. You save 19%
    Ocry-gel Cat & Dog Eye Lubricant 3202
  5. You save 38%
    Remend® BioHAnce™ Corneal Gel for Dogs, Cats & Horses
  6. You save 31%
    Vetruus Otodine Ear Solution 3644
  7. You save 18%
    An-HyPro Dog Eye Gel - Dog Eye Drop Gel 11632
    An-HyPro Lubricating Eye Gel for Dogs
    SRP £21.32
    Save £3.98
  8. You save 43%
    TrizAural Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs 2260
  9. You save 17%
    Optixcare Eye Lube Plus 11342
    Optixcare Eye Lube Plus
    SRP £14.15
    Save £2.51
  10. You save 23%
    Dechra Lubrithal® Soothing Eye Gel for Dogs and Cats 1532
  11. You save 20%
    Otodex Cat & Dog Ear Cleaner - Treats Cat & Dog Ear Mites 1548
    Otodex® Ear Drops for Cats & Dogs
    SRP £8.14
    Save £1.65
  12. You save 52%
    Dechra CleanAural® Sensitive Ear Cleaner for Dogs 2860
  13. You save 28%
    Dechra MalAcetic Aural Apple Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats
  14. You save 16%
    Vetruus Clorexyderm Oto Ear Solution 3638
  15. You save 31%
    Vetruus Before-x Ear Solution 3823
  16. You save 29%
    Surosolve Ear Cleaner 2128
    Surosolve Ear Cleaner
    SRP £27.07
    Save £8.11
  17. You save 37%
    Clerapliq Medicated Eye Drops for Cats
  18. You save 28%
    Vetruus Otoact Ear Solution 3681
  19. You save 24%
    Otoclean Ear Cleaner 1345
    Otoclean Ear Cleaner
    SRP £25.38
    Save £6.18
  20. You save 27%
    Cerumaural Ear flush 3802
    Cerumaural Ear flush
    SRP £30.42
    Save £8.45
  21. You save 8%
    Optixcare Eye Cleaning Wipes 11340
    Optixcare Eye Cleaning Wipes
    SRP £8.99
    Save £0.76
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Caring For Your Dog’s Eyes

Some breeds of dogs, such as Bichon Frises, are prone to weeping eyes and tear stains, and therefore need regular eye care. For this, eye wipes and tear stain removers will help to keep the eye area healthy.

However, just like humans, eye infections and conjunctivitis can occur in all dogs. When this happens, dog eye drops and gels can clear this up. But remember, if symptoms persist you need to speak to a vet as your dog may need a prescription-only treatment.

Keeping the eye area clean can help to prevent dog eye infections. Ensuring you have a grooming routine that keeps your dog's eyes clean and free from discharge is important. For this, we stock a variety of drops and gels. These help to clean and lubricate the eye – keeping the eyes hydrated and lubricated to keep them clear of infection.

Treating an Eye Infection in Dogs

Eye infections very rarely heal on their own, so if your dog is showing signs of an eye infection it's vital that you treat it. 

Many eye infections will need the help of a vet to clear it fully. Prescription treatments will not only clean and lubricate the eye but also fight the infection. Dog eye infections can be not only uncomfortable but painful too and can lead to serious problems for your pup if left untreated. Be sure to get them checked out and remember, if your dog needs a prescription eye treatment, we stock a variety at a fraction of the price.

Dog Ear Cleaner

Many dogs suffer from mucky ears and build-up in their ear canals especially breeds with floppy ears like spaniels, poodles, and Labradors. Using ear cleaning drops as part of your regular dog grooming routine can help get rid of debris, wax, and fur that might get stuck in your dog's ears and irritate them. With anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in many drops, cleaning your dog's ears can also help to minimise unpleasant odours.

We also stock ear cleaning wipes if your dog doesn't have a lot of wax build-up or has ears that stand up and are easier to clean.

Dog Ear Mite Treatments

Ear mites are tiny parasites that live in your dog's ears and can cause infections and severe itchiness. Mites are commonly passed from dog to dog but they can also be picked up on walks, especially through long grass. Thankfully, ear mites in dogs are easily treated with ear drops. Find fast-acting formulas that are designed to kill the mites and alleviate symptoms in just a couple of days.

Ear mites are very contagious, so make sure to treat both of your dog's ears, even if you can only see an infestation in one. Also treat any other pets in the house.

Prescription Treatments for Dog Ear Infections

Dogs can be prone to ear irritations and infections, so if your pooch is prescribed treatment for their ear infection, shop with us to get the best price. We stock a range of prescription ear treatments including drops, suspensions, and gels that are formulated to soothe inflammation and pain to quickly get your dog back to their usual happy and healthy self.

For more advice on keeping your dog's ears and eyes healthy, contact our team who will be happy to help with your queries.