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Dog Grooming, Dog Nail Clippers, & Dog Shampoos

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Helping your dog to maintain healthy and nourished skin, a glossy coat and short nails is a top priority when caring for their wellbeing. Shop from brands including Coatex, Vetruus and Sebolytic to save on loving them well. Our dog grooming collection provides everything you may need for an at-home groom from dog brushes and combs, dog clippers to dog and even medicated dog shampoos for skin allergies and fleas.

Our range of dog grooming and dog shampoo products will have your furry friend looking gorgeous in no time. From flea shampoos to deodorising puppy spray, shop now and save.

Dog Grooming

Grooming your dog is essential to keeping them happy and healthy. Whether you have a long-haired lovely who’s always in a tangle, or an adventurous mucky pup, our range of dog shampoos, brushes and nail clippers will keep coats glossy, paws soft and unwanted itches, pests and smells at bay.

Dry and Sensitive Skin

Does your pup love getting dirty, but you worry about drying out his skin? Try our range of specialised sensitive shampoos, like Pet Head Feeling Flaky Dry/Sensitive Skin Shampoo or Aloeze Aloe Vera and Oatmeal Shampoo.

Love Your Clean Puppy

Gentle puppy shampoos like Animology Puppy Love Puppy Shampoo are designed for puppies’ delicate skin and fur. To give your new pup a quick spruce up in-between baths, you can use a no-rinse puppy shampoo safely from 6 weeks.

Long-Haired Dogs

Use detangling shampoos and conditioners like Furtastic Detangler Shampoos and Conditioners. Follow up with a good brush with a knot comb. Angol Ergo Knot Buster is ideal for getting out tough knots and even more effective when used regularly with detangling sprays such as Animology Knot Sure.

Medicated Shampoos for Skin Conditions

Medicated shampoos with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents can help dogs who are prone to skin conditions. Used regularly, they help prevent itching, redness and infection. We sell prescription shampoos for treating seborrhoeic dermatitis such as Malaseb Shampoo. Milder medicated shampoos like Coatex Medicated Shampoo are available without prescription. For dogs with allergies Allermyl shampoo can be effective in soothing symptoms.

Moulting Treatments

Hair everywhere? If your dog sheds seasonally in the spring or autumn or even all year round, try using a moult comb, designed to remove dead and matted hair. Excessive shedding can be calmed with a food supplement such as YuDerm Moulting Dog.

Odour Eliminators for Fox Poo

If you’re struggling to combat foul odour after a walk in the woods, try award winning Fox Poo Shampoo from Animology, designed to get rid of the over-powering scent.

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    Vetruus CLX Cleansing Wipes 3640
    Vetruus CLX Cleansing Wipes
    SRP £9.11
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  2. You save 41%
    Epi-soothe shampoo 1168
    Epi-soothe shampoo
    SRP £22.56
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    Doggyman Animal H/D Nail Clippers
    Doggyman Animal H/D Nail Clippers
    SRP £21.62
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  4. Ceva Douxo S3 Care Pads for Dogs & Cats 3291
    Ceva Douxo S3 Care Pads for Dogs & Cats
    Special Offer
    SRP £6.78
  5. You save 38%
    Allermyl Dog & Cat Shampoo for Skin Allergies 1033
  6. You save 15%
    Pet Remedy Cat & Dog Calming Wipes 2405
  7. You save 17%
    Mikki Nail Clipper 1537
    Mikki Nail Clipper
    SRP £11.16
    You save £1.93
  8. You save 41%
    Sebolytic Shampoo 1396
    Sebolytic Shampoo
    SRP £22.56
    You save £9.36
  9. You save 32%
    Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo for Dogs and Cats 1354
  10. You save 25%
    Coatex Medicated Shampoo 485
    Coatex Medicated Shampoo
    SRP £26.88
    You save £6.72
  11. You save 31%
    Coatex Aloe/Oatmeal Shampoo 1109
    Coatex Aloe/Oatmeal Shampoo
    SRP £23.83
    You save £7.45
  12. You save 6%
    Mikki Anti Tangle Shedding Comb
  13. You save 25%
    Vetruus Clorexyderm Spot Gel
    Vetruus Clorexyderm Spot Gel
    SRP £21.53
    You save £5.57
  14. You save 11%
    Vetruus Iryplus Pocket Eye Wipes For Cats & Dogs 10414
  15. You save 43%
    Ceva Douxo S3 Skin Calm Foam Mousse For Dogs & Cats 10418
  16. Mikki Claw File 2430
    Mikki Claw File
    SRP £7.98
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Reasons to Groom a Dog

Give your pet the personal care they need to feel looked after and loved. While grooming is most pet owner’s favourite job, it is also essential to your dogs care. Their grooming routine should not only help reflect a more hygienic pet but to keep overgrowing hair or claws trimmed and tidy, without doing this your pet may struggle to see, hear, walk, or run. Keeping their grooming routine regular and thorough enables your pet to be on their best form.</p>

Our collection of dog grooming supplies will help you bond with your pet even further and build a loving relationship with them, where they trust you and know that grooming isn't *that* bad after all. Whether your dog is nervous and shy with their grooming products or enjoy the relaxing process, work with your pet to find positive reinforcement for their cooperation and help them look forward to their next grooming session.

What Supplies do You Need to Groom a Dog?

The dog grooming shampoo and accessories that you need depend on your dog. Longer haired breeds will need grooming products to get rid of tangles. Whereas if you have a dog that moults a lot, you will need a good shedding tool. If your dog has a skin condition, they may need a prescription shampoo.

Dog shampoo and conditioner

Keep your dog clean and feeling fresh with a smooth healthy coat by using shampoo and conditioner. Our dog shampoo includes those that are just useful to have around for when your pup gets mucky. These also include dry shampoos and conditioning sprays, which are perfect for giving your dog’s coat a quick touch-up when you don’t have the time to bathe them fully.

For younger dogs that may need a gentler wash, we stock puppy shampoo. These shampoos have gentle formulas that care for your puppy’s sensitive skin whilst ensuring they are clean and smelling great.

There are also specific shampoos, such as flea shampoos for dogs, that can be a good addition to your flea treatment. We also stock prescription shampoos such as Microbex that helps to trat malassezia pachydermatitis in dogs.

Dog Grooming Accessories

We also stock a range of dog grooming accessories to help with every grooming need. Keep your dog’s coat tangle free with our range of brushes, or keep on top of that moult with a shedding comb. For longer haired dogs that are prone to tangles, there are combs available to remove those knots.

It’s not just your dogs coat you should consider when thinking about their grooming routine. For instance, you can keep their eyes bright and free from tear stains with eye wipes. If your dog often has long claws, nail clippers and files can help with this

The Best Dog Grooming Products

Get compliments on their daily walks or from visitors and feel proud of your grooming routine by using trusted brands such as Coatex, Vetruus and Sebolytic. Not only are these brands recommended by professionals but they have also been developed by vets and pet owners. From shampoos, cleansing wipes, combs, files, and many other products this range has everything your pet needs to look and feel their best.


This brand provides dog shampoos that contain cooling aloe vera plant extracts which provide calming ingredients to soothe your the skin and fur from any irritation or daily dirt. With moisturising properties, Coatex aim to give you an at-home top level grooming experience.


This brand strives to give your dog the ultimate cleaning routine with gentle shampoos and foam formulas. If you need something for on the go they provide CLX Cleansing Wipes which help keep your pet clean when out and about, as well as helping to prevent infection.


This bestselling brand provides us with their cleaning shampoo formula, with a saving of 41%. This medicated shampoo supports lifting greasy fur or caring for dogs with skin conditions.

Dog Grooming Supplies with Pet Drugs Online

Make the grooming experience a pleasant one for yourself and your pet with this range and put grooming frustrations at bay. While we can try to keep them squeaky clean for a few seconds before they try to get their scent back, feel assured that the grooming benefits go further than the surface. Feel confident that our range of dog grooming products will help to prevent your dog from parasite problems, bacteria related illnesses, infections, and poor odour.