Cat Calmers

Your cat’s behaviour can change based on triggers and life events, however, getting to the route of the cause can take time and expert advice. At Pet Drugs Online, we have a variety of calming tablets, plug-in cat calmers and other products to ease anxiety, reduce stress, and support calm behaviour in your feline..

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    FELIWAY® Classic Calming Spray for Cats
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    Pet Remedy Natural Calming Plug-In Diffuser for Dogs and Cats with Valerian
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Why Does a Cat Need Calming Products?

Not all cats need calming products, but some do need extra support. Just like humans, some cats can find busy day-to-day life stressful. Others may be hyper. Sometimes you may know of stimuli that will cause your cat anxiety or stress on the horizon. This may include bonfire night, busy periods like Christmas, introducing another cat, travel, or you may not be around and your cat may have separation anxiety.

Giving your moggy that extra support is easy and doesn't have to cost the earth. If your cat is often stressed, take a look at our stress and anxiety relief for cats.

The Best Cat Calming Products

We can provide you with a whole range of the best cat calmers which have been designed by veterinary experts to settle your cat’s behaviour and help them feel better in certain situations. Finding which is the best cat calmer for your feline can take a bit of trial-and-error, as it depends on what your cat best reacts to. Here are the types of calming aids for cats that we stock:


Plug-ins release either a scent or pheromones that help to calm your cat. Cat calming plug-ins can last for a while and are a good way to calm several cats at the same time. These are also good if your cat tends to stay in just a few rooms. Pheromones send natural signals to your cat that they are in a safe area, whereas scents use natural oils that have calming effects. If you know something is coming up that will upset your moggy, like bonfire night, you can plug these calming diffusers in a few days before to give your cat the best defence against this stress.


Like plug-ins, cat calming sprays either contain pheromones to calm your cat or natural calming scents. These can be sprayed in certain rooms, on toys, in beds or carry cases, ready for a trip to the vet. Cat calming sprays can be used to give extra support if you are using other calming aids like diffusers or on their own.


Cat calming supplements are available in a variety of forms, including cat calming chews and liquid drops. Made with natural ingredients, these can support your feline during stressful times or help to calm a hyper cat. Many of these supplements are suitable for long-term and short-term use. If you know a stressful situation is coming up, it is a good idea to start supplementing a few days before to prepare your cat.


Catnip is a natural herb that can help to calm a feline. Although it causes cats to go a bit hyper, they soon wear themselves out and become extremely calm. Catnip is available as a herb for you to rub on a toy, or as a spray, plus some toys come with catnip already applied.

Calming Your Cat

Whatever the reason you need cat calmers, finding the right one, or even a combination can take time. Luckily, with Pet Drugs Online, you can save on their calming treatments compared to the high street. And don’t think that means you’re buying low-quality products, all our products are vet-approved, so you can trust that you are giving your kitty the best support. If you need any help in choosing which calming product is best for your cat, contact our friendly team who’ll be happy to help.