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Your cat’s behaviour can change based on triggers and life events, however, getting to the route of the cause can take time and expert advice. At Pet Drugs Online, we have a variety of calming tablets, plug in cat calmers and other products to ease anxiety, reduce stress, and support calm behaviour. Shop from many tried and trusted brands including Zylkene, Feliway, KalmAid and YuCALM.

Cat calmers and behaviour products can help with easing stress and reducing unwanted behaviour. Browse our range from plugins to sprays from top brands including Feliway and Pet Remedy.

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  1. You save 42%
    Feliway Optimum Diffuser Pack 3247
  2. YuCALM for Cats 2228
    YuCALM for Cats
    SRP £0.00
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    Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian 1152
  4. You save 45%
    Feliway Classic Diffuser Pack 1749
  5. You save 43%
    Feliway Classic Refill Only 3937
  6. You save 20%
    Calmex Cat Stress Relief 9862
    Calmex Cat Stress Relief
    SRP £20.70
    Save £4.32
  7. You save 18%
    KalmAid 1491
    SRP £17.64
    Save £3.24
  8. You save 5%
    Beco Plush Catnip Cat Toy 15335
    Beco Plush Catnip Cat Toy
    SRP £4.34
    Save £0.25
    New Packaging
  9. You save 5%
    Valerian Drops For Dogs & Cats 1154
  10. You save 44%
    Feliway Friends Diffuser Pack 9938
  11. You save 11%
    Pet Remedy Cat & Dog Calming Wipes 2405
  12. You save 34%
    Cat Calming Pack 2274
    Cat Calming Pack
    SRP £73.33
    Save £25.33
  13. You save 39%
    Feliway Spray 9253
    Feliway Spray
    SRP £14.86
    Save £5.88
  14. You save 41%
    Feliway Friends Refill Only 9941
    Feliway Friends Refill Only
    SRP £31.56
    Save £13.13
  15. You save 20%
    Pet Remedy Cat & Dog All-In-One Calming Kit 2404
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Anxiety in Cats 

At Pet Drugs Online, we understand that your cat can sometimes feel anxious from a variety of triggers including separation anxiety, travel sickness, socialising or loud bangs or certain smells. It’s a very common thing to prepare for and many cats can show signs they’re feeling anxious to hint that they may need some reassurance and help. The first and best cure for pet anxiety is human contact and protection, however, we also understand that as pet owners we can also be very busy with our day to day lives and can’t always be there to give that human contact. Suggestions including providing your cat with a piece of your clothing with your scent on can help bring them comfort, but we also stock many other methods and cat calming products to soothe your cats worries or nerves such as cat calming spray and plug ins.

The Best Cat Calming Products

We can provide you with a whole range of the best cat calmers which have been designed by veterinary experts to settle your cat’s behaviour and help them feel better in certain situations. Not only will helping your cat improve your bond with them but improve their trust in you even more.


Feliway offer a host of calmers from cat calming plug in diffusers with aromas to cat calming sprays which will maintain the feeling of peace and calm. Reduce their stress levels and watch their behaviour settle once their environment has Feliway in it.

Pet Remedy 

Pet Remedy has designed a natural collection of products including cat calming plug in diffusers and cat calming sprays to work alongside your cat’s wellbeing and send natural messengers to the brains nerves and calm their anxiety. Feel supported with Pet Remedy’s cat calming remedies.


YuCALM has been developed to target cats with anxiety-based behaviours. Their natural cat calming supplement helps to support calm behaviour and reduce stress in your cat

A Solution For Cat Anxiety

Care for your cat at home or when out and about and watch for those signs of stress of anxiety. As a pet owner, it’s impossible to get it right all the time but these cat calming products will help you get on the right path to calming their behaviour.