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Supplements & Vitamins

Small pet vitamins and supplements cost less at Pet Drugs Online. Browse vitamin C for guinea pigs, rabbit vitamins and more.

Support your pet’s nutrition with a variety of vitamins and supplements to help deliver the nourishment their body needs. See the benefits quickly as our expertly formulated pet supplements enhance their strength, movement and balance which they may not usually get from their diet. Shop products including vitamin C for guinea pigs, probiotics for rabbits and many other rabbit vitamins and supplements.

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  1. You save 32%
    Protexin Fibreplex Rabbits & Small Pets
  2. You save 50%
    SRP £45.65
    You save £23.27
  3. You save 18%
    Oxbow Natural Science Joint Support
  4. You save 34%
    Protexin Bio-Lapis
    Protexin Bio-Lapis
    SRP £11.44
    You save £3.89
  5. You save 12%
    Oxbow Natural Science Digestive Support
  6. You save 18%
    Oxbow Critical Care For Herbivores
    Oxbow Critical Care For Herbivores
    SRP £17.81
    You save £3.37
  7. You save 19%
    Oxbow Natural Science Urinary Support
  8. You save 23%
    SRP £9.37
    You save £2.23
  9. You save 23%
    VetCarePlus Supreme Science Recovery
    Supreme Science Recovery
    SRP £24.26
    You save £5.78
  10. You save 33%
    SRP £7.24
    You save £2.43
  11. You save 27%
    Vitamin E 100mg
    Vitamin E 100mg
    SRP £12.98
    You save £3.51
  12. You save 22%
    ACE High Multivitamin/Mineral Supplement
  13. You save 20%
    Critical Care Formula - Reptile
    Critical Care Formula
    SRP £11.94
    You save £2.46
  14. You save 28%
    SRP £7.08
    You save £2.02
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Small Pet Vitamins & Supplements

When your small pet needs a little boost or some healthcare support, it's easy and inexpensive to pep them up when you shop at Pet Drugs Online.

You see, we buy our vitamins and supplements for small pets in bulk. Which means we save money on the cost and pass the savings onto you. Shop vitamin C for guinea pigs, probiotics for rabbits, rabbit vitamins and more.

It’s the same products, same big brands – just a lot cheaper than buying from a vet or the high street.

We'll also deliver straight to your door. So, in just a few clicks you can care for your mouse - or guinea pig, or rabbit with minimal fuss, saving all the fuss for them.