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Critical Care Formula

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Critical Care Formula has been developed for the nutritional support of birds, mammals and reptiles whose metabolism may be disturbed, in instances such as loss of appetite, starvation, surgery and periods of recovery.
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Product Details

Critical Care Formula

This formula has been produced to aid birds who are off their food or with wasting problems via enteral feeding i.e. food delivered via a tube / syringe.

The product's benefits include:being beneficial to reptiles, small furries,  pigeon owners for pre- and post-race conditioning and in this use is simply added to the drinking water, an easily mixed powder you mix with water to provide a high energy and protein fluid that can be administered to weak collapsed animals (such as rabbits guinea pigs etc) that cannot feed properly and added to the water of animals recovering from illness/ requiring extra energy.  

Key benefit of Critical Care Formula:
-Easy digestion from CCF in powder form which remains stable for months provided that the container is sealed and also provides a suitable protein source which counters the hypoproteinaemic states of catabolism and administering CCF to reptiles every 4-5 days is generally sufficient with extra fluids that can be given with AVIPRO or REPTOBOOST.

Administration: each 100g contains 361 kcal of energy and 14.4g of protein made up at 1:2 1.4kcal per ml and the product components ensure absorption, so ensure one scoop per 100g of animal per day is mixed with one scoop of formula and two scoops of water.