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Provide superior liver and kidney support with our range of health supplements that have been designed by experts to deliver the nutrients your cat’s needs. Shop cat liver supplements for cat liver support as well as kidney supplements for cats from brands including Protexin, Pronefra, Samylin and Ipakitine.

Liver and kidney issues in cats can be expensive to treat, at Pet Drugs Online you can get live and kidney support and supplements for less than buying from your Vet.

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  1. You save 20%
    EasyPill Cat Kidney Support 7867
  2. You save 45%
    Ipakitine Powder 2594
    Ipakitine Powder
    SRP £19.97
    Save £9.05
  3. You save 5%
    Hepatosyl Plus Capsules 2934
    Hepatosyl Plus Capsules
    SRP £26.46
    Save £1.57
  4. You save 37%
    Hepaticare 9631
    SRP £45.71
    Save £17.16
  5. You save 27%
    Kaminox Liquid 1492
    Kaminox Liquid
    SRP £20.81
    Save £5.70
  6. You save 32%
    Kelapril 5mg Tablets 10039
    Kelapril 5mg Tablets
    SRP £42.68
    Save £13.88
  7. You save 75%
    Nelio Flavoured Tablets for Cats 5mg 2041
    Nelio Flavoured Tablets for Cats 5mg
    SRP £2.16
    Save £1.63
  8. You save 30%
    Protexin Denamarin for Cats and Dogs 30 Tablets 1564
  9. You save 33%
    Samylin Sachet 1393
    Samylin Sachet
    SRP £43.48
    Save £14.50
  10. You save 31%
    Samylin Tablets 3973
    Samylin Tablets
    SRP £43.48
    Save £13.50
  11. You save 7%
    Easypill Cat Liver Support 3269
    Easypill Cat Liver Support
    SRP £20.57
    Save £1.57
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Understanding Liver and Kidney Supplements for Cats 

At Pet Drugs Online we’ve put together a high-quality range kidney and liver supplements to help your cat continue living healthily and happy. The added vitamins and minerals will help them to have normal liver and kidney health and defend against infection, illnesses, and toxins. Help your cat to live with a happy and comfortable body as our range of supplements have been formulated by veterinary experts.

We stock a huge variety of supplements to keep you and your cat happy and their bodies looked after. As we provide medication to be delivered to your door, you can count on us to keep your cupboards topped up and direct delivery. With supplements that not only support the kidney and liver’s normal function, but tablets that help reduce phosphate levels and care for those with renal insufficiency and kidney disease. By taking preventative measures, you can help prevent your cat’s condition worsening or illnesses developing.

The Best Liver and Kidney Supplements for Cats

The brands we feature within this collection have developed products to carry high levels of antioxidants and other minerals and vitamins to support your cat’s kidney and liver health. Some of our most popular liver and kidney health brands for cats include:


Protexin has developed a whole host of health supplements including Denamarin which improves liver function and repairs liver tissue from the effects of all toxins. Our vet says, ‘If your pet has liver problems and needs an extra boost to keep it functioning as it should, Denamarin is often suggested by vets. It’s ingredients repair and protect the liver from toxins.’.


Pronefra helps to not only maintain normal kidney architecture but contributes towards supporting balanced blood pressure. Our vet says, ‘Pronefra supports the renal function of your pet. It works by slowing the progress of chronic kidney disease and limiting toxin levels in the body and maintain normal renal structure and blood pressure. We like this product because it’s easy to administer.’.

Kidney and liver support supplement benefits with specialist foods

As well as medical solutions, we provide condition specific food, which includes foods that can help support liver and kidney health. With brands such as Purina and Royal Canin, we’re confidant you’ll be able to find the best cat food to support their renal tract.