Cat Liver & Kidney Products

With cat liver supplements or cat kidney supplements, you can support healthy function or help to treat your cat’s condition. Shop liver and kidney cat medication from veterinary expert brands such as Protexin, Pronefra and more. Available in tablets, powder, or liquid formulas, browse our range of cat kidney and liver supplements below.

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    Ipakitine Powder 2594
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    Protexin Denamarin for Cats and Dogs 30 Tablets 1564
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    Kaminox Liquid 1492
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    Dorwest Milk Thistle Tablets for Dogs and Cats 3827
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    SAMYLIN® Liver Health Support Sachets
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    Royal Canin Renal Liquid for Cats
    ROYAL CANIN® Renal Liquid for Cats
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    Royal Canin Cat Food: Hepatic Veterinary Health Nutrition 9567
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    VBS Liquid Hepato Drops 2757
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Liver and Kidney Supplements for Cats 

Cat liver supplements and kidney medication can help to aid in healthy bodily functions and to keep your cat living happy and healthy, as well as give them the nutrients for preventive measures. These medications are also great for treating and fighting against infections, illnesses, toxins and diseases and liver or kidney conditions. With supplements that not only support the kidney and liver’s normal function but tablets that help reduce phosphate levels and care for those with renal insufficiency and kidney disease. Whether you are taking preventative measures or helping to treat your cat’s condition, our range of cat liver and kidney supplements will aid them in either circumstance

Kidney Disease In Cats

Cat’s kidneys do many important things such as managing blood pressure, making red blood cells and hormones, and removing waste from the blood. But, like humans, cats can get kidney disease and other kidney illnesses, and this usually stems from old age. Other causes can include trauma, toxins, and infections.

Signs your puss may have kidney disease include frequent urinating, drinking a lot of water, bacterial infections, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhoea, mouth ulcers, brown-ish tongue, dry coat, constipation, or general weakness. If you think your cat may be unwell or has kidney disease, see a vet as they will run tests, if diagnosed, with good care and cat kidney supplements you can help support and care for your cat.

Cat Kidney Supplements

Whether your cat has kidney disease, or any other condition or illness pertaining to the kidney, our range of cat kidney medication contains the needed nutrients and minerals to support healthy kidney or renal function. With cat kidney supplements such as EasyPill, Ipakitine, Kaminox, Nelio, Kelapril, Pronefra, and Royal Canin you can choose from liquids, powders, or tablets. All are great supplements for cat kidney disease and help to support the normal function and health of the kidney by limiting toxin levels in the body and supplying it with vitamins and minerals. These cat renal supplements can also help with kidney failure, and any other condition or related illness.

Liver Disease in Cats

The liver is another vital organ for your cat and is in charge of aiding digestion, regulating energy and protein metabolism, and eliminating toxins and waste within the body. Like the kidney, your cat’s liver is susceptible to disease and illnesses. Your feline can get liver-related illnesses such as liver disease from eating toxins, bacterial or parasitic infections, or related illnesses such as pancreatitis or inflammatory bowel disease.

If you think your kitty may have liver disease or a related condition, seek a vet. However, signs that a cat has liver disease can vary but may include loss of appetite, vomiting, lethargy, weight loss, fever, diarrhoea, abdominal swelling, excessive urination and thirst, and sometimes gastrointestinal bleeding. If your cat has a liver illness or condition, you can treat and help support them with cat liver supplements.

Cat Liver Supplements

With veterinary expert medications such as Hepatosyl, Hepaticare, Protexin, Samylin, VBS and Easypill cat liver medication comes in capsules, tablets, or sachets. Dedicated to helping support liver function, these cat hepatic supplements include vitamins and minerals which function as antioxidants and are suited for supporting liver disease and related illnesses. These cat liver supplements are also great to use for support while recovering from liver disease or after surgery. For general liver support, to prevent, treat, or to aid in recovering, our range of cat liver supplements is the perfect pick-me-up for your cat.

Liver and Kidney Cat Food

Whether you are supporting your cat with liver and kidney conditions, helping them recover, or just giving them the extra nutrients they need for healthy functions, we have a range of cat food to help. From kidney cat food, which is designed with essential acids and antioxidants, to liver cat food which helps to remove toxins from the blood and restores vital minerals. To see the range of cat liver or kidney food, check out our condition-specific cat food.

Cat Liver and Kidney Supplements With Pet Drugs Online

Know that if your cat has either a liver or a kidney condition, we have a wide range of cat liver supplements and kidney medication available to treat or support your cat where needed. Pair their supplements with medicated food to give the best care. When you buy liver or cat kidney supplements online with us, you can be sure you’re getting great low prices, and if you need any help, contact our friendly team for advice.