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Coat Skin & Allergy

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You’ll find the perfect concoction of coat, skin and allergy-based products from bestselling brands here at Pet Drugs Online. Browse allergy relief or horse shampoo for the perfect grooming kit. Relieve them of flies, itches or uncomfortable skin and leave them feeling happy and comfortable with a beautiful coat.

Browse our range of low cost horse coat care, skin care and allergy products and save money on horse shampoo, purple spray, fly cream and more.

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  1. You save 31%
    Equistro Kerabol Biotin
    Equistro Kerabol Biotin
    SRP £53.28
    You save £16.79
  2. You save 41%
    Epi-soothe shampoo 1168
    Epi-soothe shampoo
    SRP £22.56
    You save £9.38
  3. You save 30%
    Veterinary Wound Dressing Powder
  4. Vetgold Spray 4454
    Vetgold Spray
    New Product
    SRP £0.00
  5. You save 24%
    Dermisol Cream 1137
    Dermisol Cream
    SRP £10.32
    You save £2.54
  6. You save 5%
    Aniwell Active Manuka Honey
    Aniwell Active Manuka Honey
    SRP £12.64
    You save £0.65
  7. You save 31%
    Ecuphar Cavalesse
    Ecuphar Cavalesse
    SRP £80.05
    You save £25.07
  8. You save 7%
    Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
    Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
    SRP £12.01
    You save £0.91
  9. You save 47%
    SRP £56.09
    You save £26.59
  10. You save 45%
    Switch Equine
    Switch Equine
    SRP £63.48
    You save £28.68
  11. You save 16%
    Derbymed Cutasol For Horse Skin Care 2552
  12. You save 12%
    Aniwell Active Manuka Honey For Animal Wounds
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Coat, Skin & Allergy

It may not seem like a day at the spa to you, but a good puff of louse powder and some antifungal horse shampoo is bliss for your trusty steed. Smother on some soothing natural gel and they feel hot to trot!

But it’s not all about the pampering.... Sometimes treatment is necessary to treat uncomfortable itchy skin, allergies or wounds - we stock it all. From purple spray to fly cream, to bestselling horse shampoo.

Either way, we've got you covered with a range of big brand products at teeny tiny prices in our horse coat care, skin care and allergy range.

Ordering is simple and delivery is quick, so there’s no horsing around. You'll get your horse skin and coat products delivered to your door quicker than Desert Orchid, on a really good day.