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Support your bird’s nutrition with a variety of quality bird vitamins and supplements to help deliver the nourishment their body needs. Our expertly formulated supplements enhance their development which they may not usually get from food alone. Save and shop on products such as chicken vitamins, probiotics for chickens, budgie vitamins and poultry vitamins. Show them you care, help them spread their wings and love them well.

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  1. You save 7%
    Emeraid Critical Care - Carnivore
  2. You save 31%
    Asbrip Pet 10696
    Asbrip Pet
    SRP £23.56
    Save £7.36
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    Vitamin E 100mg 2057
    Vitamin E 100mg
    SRP £13.00
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    Avimix Mineral Supplement for Birds 1776
    Avimix Mineral Supplement for Birds
    SRP £7.55
    Save £1.25
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    Nutrobal 1544
  6. BSP Multivitamin Drops 1772
    BSP Multivitamin Drops
    SRP £0.00
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    ACE High Multivitamin/Mineral Supplement 1771
    ACE High Multivitamin/Mineral Supplement
    SRP £8.32
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Why Do Birds Need Vitamins and Supplements?

It is common that most birds who are on the diet of seed should be also consuming supplements with added vitamins to support their health. It has been estimated that 80-90% of birds who have diseases also don't have a nourishing diet. Signs of illness can include a change in stool, a loss in appetite, wheezing, fluffed feathers and weight loss. Because birds are particularly good at hiding these symptoms, as soon as you spot one you should investigate it further with your vet as the illness and disease may be advanced at this point. It is therefore really important to care for their wellbeing with additional supplements to prevent these health issues. Start off by feeding them some fruit and vegetables within their feed (ask your vet to specify which are best for your breed of bird) and use the supplements alongside to give them an additional boost.

The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Birds

You'll find the best brands and best selling products after all being reviewed by our vet for approval. Each supplement is guaranteed to bring you effective results while taking care of your bird. Shop from ACE-High, Verm-X and Avimix.


ACE-High have developed a multivitamin and mineral supplement which enhances your bird’s level of vitamin A, C and E to care for a healthy immune system, growth, good skin, positive digestive system, healthy respiratory glands and supports their body’s when in stress. With reviews including ‘Had very good service and this is a very good price’ to ‘Fast and efficient service with comprehensive information’, you won't be disappointing when shopping for your pet’s supplements.


These pellet supplements can be added to drinking water or fed directly to support poultry health and care for their wellbeing. Reviews include, ‘Easy to feed, chickens ate it’, ‘Good price and quick delivery’ as well as ‘You don't have to try and work out complicated doses as they will eat this out of your hand and you know how much each bird is getting.’.


Described by our customers as a ‘Good product’, Avimix Powdered Vitamin and Mineral Supplement is a ready-mix of Nutrobal and ACE-High for birds who are growing or breeding to care for their health. Easy to administrate, simply scatter over your bird’s food and let them enjoy nourishing their health.