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Cat First Aid

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Feel prepared and organise your pet first aid kit to have everything you may need at-hand for those at home or on-the-go emergencies. Keep your cat’s first aid kit topped up so that it contains all the essentials you need including bandages, tick removers, cat antiseptic cream and recovery products.

We know they have nine lives but it's a good idea to have a cat first aid kit at home just in case. Shop first aid essentials including bandages and antiseptics here.

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  1. You save 24%
    Dermisol Cream 1137
    Dermisol Cream
    SRP £10.32
    You save £2.54
  2. Vetgold Spray 4454
    Vetgold Spray
    New Product
    SRP £0.00
  3. You save 11%
    Clorexyderm 4% Shampoo For Cats & Dogs
  4. You save 42%
    Allerderm Spot On
    Allerderm Spot On
    SRP £30.13
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    Ceva Douxo S3 Seb Cat & Dog Shampoo 2229
    Ceva Douxo S3 Seb Cat & Dog Shampoo
    SRP £18.86
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    Antisept For Dogs And Cats
    Antisept For Dogs And Cats
    SRP £14.29
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  7. You save 5%
    Aniwell Active Manuka Honey
    Aniwell Active Manuka Honey
    SRP £12.64
    You save £0.65
  8. You save 25%
    Vetruus Clorexyderm Spot Gel
    Vetruus Clorexyderm Spot Gel
    SRP £21.53
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    Catac Foster
    Catac Foster
    SRP £3.84
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    SRP £17.48
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    Aniwell Active Manuka Honey For Animal Wounds
  12. You save 13%
    Vetruus Clorexyderm 4% Pet Disinfectant Spray 2226
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    Pet First Aid Kit
    Pet First Aid Kit
    SRP £20.71
    You save £4.51
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Why Do You Need a Cat First Aid Kit?

Every cat’s household should have a first aid kit or a cupboard full of medical supplies for those ‘just in case’ moments. Getting organised is an important part of being a cat owner. Feeling like you are stocked up for any situation or medical condition can not only give you peace of mind but prepared. Get your cat first aid kit ready for any situation with this excellent collection of cat first aid products. From on-the-go emergencies or accidents at home, your cat will keep you on your toes.

The Best Medical Supplies for Your Cat’s First Aid Kit

Scrambling around for first aid supplies in a panic is not enjoyable for anyone. Whether you’re looking for bandages, antiseptic or recovery pastes, tick removers or even a paw cover, we’ve got everything you need for your cat first aid kit. Shop from veterinary approved brands including Vetruus, Pet First, and Aniwell for your high-quality first aid supplies.


This brand is a bestseller at Pet Drugs Online, and with their 4% Antibacterial Antifungal Foam for cats they are ready for anything. This foam will help control bacterial and fungal growth while gently cleansing their skin. With easy application and clear instructions, this product from Vetruus will care for your cat’s health in no time and is a key product to have in your cat first aid kit.

Pet First 

Pet First Aid Kit have concocted the perfect variety of products to support your cat even in an emergency. Separated into two compartments, this cat first aid kit is portable and easy to carry while containing everything you need. With collection containing bandages, a foil blanket, plastic tweezers, and cleansing wipes, you’ll feel at ease instantly with this cat first aid kit.


Aniwell has developed an Active Manuka Honey for animal wounds, containing a unique ingredient called methylglyoxal to provide a special and natural antibacterial formula for any infectious bacteria. Providing your cat with the best defence against further infection, this product is great for on the go or at-home, instant support and is a great product for cat first aid kits.

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