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Aqueos Animal Spray On Plaster - First Aid For Pets

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Aqueos Animal Spray On Plaster - First Aid For Pets

Aqueous spray can be used as a disinfectant on minor wounds, cuts and abrasions keeping the area clean and free from bacteria.
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Aqueos Animal Spray On Plaster - First Aid for Pets

Aqueos Animal Spray-On Plaster is formulated to protect minor cuts, abrasions and grazes from bacteria helping to reduce the risk of infection. This spray-on plaster for animals has excellent adhesive properties so the bandage-type film stays in place over the wound. This is an essential for an animal first aid kit as the spray aids the natural healing process whilst remaining elastic and permeable to the air.

It is available in a 200ml bottle.

Key benefits of Aqueos Spray on Plaster include:
- Silver aluminium micronized spray forms a protective film
- Suitable for animals and humans
- Protects cuts from water, dirt and bacteria
- Easy to apply in awkward areas
- Bandage-like protection
- Protects horses from mud fever
- Keeps flies away from cuts and sarcoids in the summer
- Stays in place while wound heals