Diffusers, Collars, Sprays and Tablets. Help your dog stay calm with Adaptil

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Adaptil Calm

Adaptil has some really clever products which work wonders on puppies and dogs in stressful situations. Think firework night, having to leave your dog during the day or a bumpy journey in the car to see the vet.

There’s an Adaptil solution to help your pup with all kinds of worrying situations - crying, being home alone, training, fears, visitors, travelling and loud noises.

From collars, plug in diffusers, sprays and tablets, Adaptil Calm is a really popular and effective brand and is trusted by dog owners around the world.

Adaptil for dogs is available to buy on our website at a discounted of up to 49% on high street prices:

If you want to help your puppy or dog with his stress and anxiety, and make them feel calm and relaxed – Adaptil Calm is a great choice. And you’ll feel pretty cool about our prices too.