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Loxicom® Oral Suspension for Dogs 1.5mg/ml

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Loxicom Oral Suspension for Dogs is for the alleviation of inflammation and pain in both acute and chronic musculo-skeletal disorders in dogs. 

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This is a prescription item and will be sent once a valid prescription has been received and approved by our vet.

What is Loxicom Oral Suspension? 

Loxicom is an FDA-approved non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) which is available for dogs in either an oral suspension or chewable tablet. The active ingredient in Loxicom is meloxicam, which is the same active ingredient in other similar NSAID medications.

What is Loxicom Oral Suspension Used for? 

As a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, Loxicom oral suspension is commonly used to relieve both inflammation and pain in cats and dogs. This can either be for long-term musculoskeletal disorders, or for short-term musculoskeletal disorders, for example, following an injury. 

How Does Loxicom Oral Suspension Work? 

The active ingredient in Loxicom, Meloxicam, works by blocking an enzyme called cyclooxygenase.  This enzyme is involved in the production of prostaglandins which trigger inflammation, pain, exudation and fever. By blocking the enzyme related to their creation, Meloxicam can reduce the symptoms.

Loxicom is a prescription medication and will only be sent once a valid prescription is received. If you would like advice on how to send your pet’s prescription to us, please read our prescriptions information page


How to Store Loxicom Oral Suspension 

Loxicom Oral Suspension does not require any specific storage conditions, however, once opened, the contents must be used within 6 months. Any medicine left after these 6 months have passed should be disposed of in the appropriate manner.

Administration Instructions:

Loxicom Oral Suspension for dogs can be administered directly into your dog’s mouth, or by mixing it with your dog’s food. 

If administering with food: 

Shake the bottle and remove the cap. Use the syringe provided to measure out your dog’s dose as stated by their prescription. Mix the oral suspension with a small portion of your dog's normal food and give it to your dog when they’re hungry to ensure they consume the whole dose. Give your dog a treat or the rest of their meal once you are sure the full dose has been consumed. 

If administering without food: 

Shake the bottle and remove the cap. Use the syringe provided to measure your dog’s dose as stated by their prescription. Hold your pet on a non-slip surface, or have someone else hold them for you. Tilt your dog’s head back and open their mouth slightly. Insert the syringe gently as far back as you can into your dog’s mouth, and empty the syringe. Gently hold your dog’s mouth closed for a moment to ensure swallowing. Give your dog a treat once the dosage has been swallowed. 

If your dog struggles to take liquid medication, speak to your vet about alternatives such as Loxicom chewable tablets for dogs. 

Please note, Loxicom must not be used in: 

  • Pregnant or lactating dogs
  • Dogs less than 6 weeks of age
  • Animals suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, impaired hepatic, cardiac or renal function and haemorrhagic disorders
  • Animals with hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients
  • Animals other than dogs. There is a different strength for cats called Loxicom 0.5mg/ml Oral Suspension for Cats. 


Q - Is Loxicom a pain killer?

A - Yes. Loxicom oral suspension for dogs is both a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory drug. 

Q - Do you need a prescription to buy Loxicom? 

A - Yes. All Loxicom products require a valid prescription from your vet to purchase. Please be wary of any retailer offering Loxicom medications without a prescription as they may not be from an accredited source. 

Q - Can Loxicom make your dog sleepy?

A - As with many NSAIDs, there are potential adverse reactions to using Loxicom Oral Suspension, such as loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea, faecal occult blood, apathy and renal failure.

In very rare cases, reactions such as haemorrhagic diarrhoea, haematemesis, gastrointestinal ulceration and elevated liver enzymes have also been reported. 

These side effects generally occur within the first treatment and, in most cases, are transient and disappear once treatment is terminated. If you notice your dog having any adverse reactions to Loxicom Oral Suspension, contact your vet immediately for further advice. 

Loxicom® Oral Suspension for Dogs 1.5mg/ml is available in the following sizes:
  • 10ml Bottle
  • 32ml Bottle
  • 100ml Bottle
  • Active Ingredient
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