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Hill's Pet Nutrition creates perfectly balanced pet food for your dog or cat. In our range, you'll find foods for different life stages and health issues, including Hill's Science Plan and Hill’s Prescription Diet. Browse our range below to find a tailored diet that's perfect for your pet.

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What is Hill’s Pet Nutrition Pet Food?

Hill’s pet food was designed with a simple mission: to enrich the lives of pets and to help lengthen the special relationship between pets and the people who love them. In the late 1930s, exceptional vet, Dr. Mark Morris, developed a brand new dog food with the intention of helping a seeing-eye dog suffering from kidney failure. Together with his wife, Lousie, Dr. Morris created a dog food that was low in salt, yet high in flavour and nutrition value. This food became Hill's Prescription Diet k/d™, and paved the way for a vast brand of both cat and dog food designed with your pet's nutritional health in mind. Now, Hill’s is one of the top vet recommended pet foods and the company prides itself on being a leader in predictive biology and using only science-led ingredients in its food.

Hill's Food Sensitives & Skin Food

Food Sensitivities & Skin

Hill's Growth and Development Food

Growth & Development 

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Prescription Diet

The Hill’s Prescription Diet range is a vet recommended food range to help manage specific conditions that can occur in pets, including kidney support, digestive care, weight management and more. Always consult with your vet before feeding your pet any prescription pet foods.

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Science Plan

The Hill’s Science Plan range offers fantastic, biology-based diets that are formulated to help your pet stay healthy and happy as they continue to grow. All Science Plan diets offer are easily-digestible and are packed full of the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your pet needs to thrive.

What our customers think of Hill's

5/ 5

My dog loves these biscuits, and they are very good for his health and weight, to keep him fit and healthy.the service is good and so is the price will use again

Trusted Customer - February 4, 2022

5/ 5

This food was a game changer for one of my Persian boys, and stopped the constant scratching and pulling out of fur. It was so successful that I could start to show him again, with great success.

Trusted Customer - January 25, 2021

5/ 5

It is a very good cat food it was recommended for my cat by my vet because of allergies and intolerances giving her an upset stomach and it has worked really well.

Kathleen Lane - August 17, 2021

5/ 5

The cat liked it - that's all that matters.

Ray Skeldon - July 5, 2021

Hill’s Prescription Diet

As well as offering a vast range of condition-specific pet food, Hill’s are also one of the leading brands when it comes to vet prescribed diets. Their science-based dietetic nutrition is formulated for both cats and dogs with specific health conditions or specialised nutritional needs.

Hill’s Prescription Diet food includes food for the following conditions:

  • Urinary health
  • Weight management
  • Kidney support
  • Digestive care
  • Allergy care
  • And more

If your pet requires any other prescription medications, you can also buy these through Pet Drugs Online. Find your pet’s prescription here. 


Hill’s Pet Food Feeding Guide

Every Hill’s pet food product will come with a general feeding guide on the packaging. This guide will tell you how much Hill’s food your pet should be given depending on their body weight and age.
Before you begin feeding your pet Hill’s food, make sure that you have chosen the appropriate Hill’s product for your dog or cat. To find the appropriate food you need to take into account:

  • Your pet’s age
  • Your pet’s size
  • Your pet’s general health


Your Pet’s Age

Hill’s food is split into life stages for both cats and dogs:

  • Under 1 year: Hill’s Puppy or kitten food
  • 1-6 year olds: Hill’s Adult pet food
  • 7-11 year olds: Hill’s Mature pet food
  • 11+: Hill’s Senior pet food

Your Dog’s Size

Hill’s size-specific pet food largely pertains to dog breeds, which come in much more varied sizes than cats. Which size-specific food you should be giving your dog will depend on their body weight. Hill’s Small/Mini Breed food is suitable for dog breeds up to 10kg, Hill’s Medium Breed food is suitable for dog breeds between 11-25kg, and Hill’s Large Breed food is suitable for any dogs 25kg and over.

Your Pet’s General Health

Hill’s has a broad range of food available for a variety of health conditions, some prescription and some not.If you are looking for a food that will support your pet’s general health or minor health concerns, it’s recommended to give them the appropriate food from the Hill’s Science Plan range which offers biology-based nutrition for healthy pets of every breed and life stage.

If your pet has a specific health concern, then the Hill’s Prescription range might be necessary. This range offers science-based dietetic nutrition for dogs and cats with specific health conditions or specialised nutritional needs. This food should only be given to your pet following the advice of your vet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do vets recommend Hill's Science Diet?

Hill’s Science Plan is a vet recommended diet because vets have seen the improvements in pet health that can occur when they are fed Science Plan food. This is because Hill's Science Plan was developed with pets’ overall health in mind and can benefit pets of all sizes and life stages.

What is the difference between Hill's Science Diet and Prescription Diet?

 The Hill’s Prescription Diet foods are designed to help your pet with specific medical conditions and are available to buy through your vet surgery or a pet pharmacy. This food should only be fed to your pet under supervision from your vet. Hill’s Science Plan, however, is intended to meet all the nutritional needs of a happy and healthy pet during their life and does not require a vet consultation to buy.

Do You Need A Prescription for Hill’s Prescription Diet? 

Despite the name, you actually do not need a vet prescription in order to purchase products from the Hill’s Prescription Diet line. However, these pet foods have been specifically formulated to treat certain medical issues in pets and should not be fed to your pet without veterinary consultation.

Can I buy Hill's Prescription Diet Online?

Yes! We have a range of the Hill’s Prescription Diet food for both cats and dogs available in the Pet Drugs Online store. By using Pet Drugs Online, you can save up to 40% on Hill’s Prescription Diet pet food and get it delivered straight to your door.