Eye Treatments for Dogs

Your pet's well-being is our top priority, and that includes their eye health. Discover our range of dog eye treatments and medications, from antibiotic eye drops to over-the-counter products like eye cleaning solutions, wipes, and cleansers, all designed to address issues like eye stains, weeping, and bloodshot eyes.

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  1. You save 17%
    Optixcare Eye Lube Plus 11342
    Optixcare Eye Lube Plus
    SRP £14.15
    Save £2.51
  2. You save 37%
    Clerapliq Medicated Eye Drops for Cats
  3. You save 23%
    Dechra Lubrithal® Soothing Eye Gel for Dogs and Cats 1532
  4. You save 19%
    Ocry-gel Cat & Dog Eye Lubricant 3202
  5. You save 39%
    Remend® BioHAnce™ Dry Eye Lubricant Drops for Dogs
  6. You save 38%
    Remend® BioHAnce™ Corneal Gel for Dogs, Cats & Horses
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    Optixcare Eye Cleaning Wipes 11340
    Optixcare Eye Cleaning Wipes
    SRP £8.99
    Save £0.76
  8. You save 23%
    TropiClean OxyMed Tear Stain Remover for Cats and Dogs
    TropiClean OxyMed Tear Stain Remover for Cats and Dogs
    SRP £13.00
    Save £3.02
  9. You save 18%
    Optixcare Eye Lube for Cats, Dogs and Horses
    Optixcare Eye Lube for Cats, Dogs and Horses
    SRP £14.20
    Save £2.62
  10. You save 18%
    Vetruus Iryplus Pocket Eye Wipes For Cats & Dogs 10414
    Iryplus® Pocket Eye Wipes for Cats & Dogs
    SRP £10.78
    Save £1.96
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    An-HyPro Dog Eye Gel - Dog Eye Drop Gel 11632
    An-HyPro Lubricating Eye Gel for Dogs
    SRP £21.32
    Save £3.98
  12. You save 13%
    Clinadry Eye Lubricant for Dogs and Cats 2121
    Clinadry Eye Lubricant for Dogs and Cats
    SRP £21.12
    Save £2.94
  13. You save 39%
    MIKKI Eye Wipes 1498
    Mikki Eye Wipes for Large & Small Pets
    SRP £7.34
    Save £2.90
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    Dechra CleanOcular® Tear Stain Remover for Dogs and Cats 1189
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    Optimmune Eye Ointment 902
    Optimmune® Eye Ointment for Dogs 2mg/g
    SRP £82.24
    Save £46.76
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    Ophtocycline Eye Ointment 3277
  17. You save 43%
    Opticlox Eye Ointment 3468
    Opticlox® Eye Ointment 16.7% w/w
    SRP £25.48
    Save £11.07
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    Tiacil Ophthalmic Solution 1020
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Eye Cleaners:

Eye Wipes

As well as removing dirt, debris, and tear stains, wipes help to prevent eye irritation and maintain clear, healthy eyes. Shop the best eye wipes for dogs that are safe and effective.

Tear Stain Removers

Help remove unsightly stains while providing a clear, clean appearance. The reddish-brown colour of tears on dogs results from molecules in tears oxidizing when exposed to oxygen and light. 

Over-The-Counter Eye Care Products:

Eye Hydration

Proper eye hydration is essential for your dog's comfort and well-being. Eye drops and eye lubricants for dogs are crucial in preventing dry eyes, reducing irritation, maintaining eye health, and providing allergy relief; get yours today!

Foreign Objects & Eye Injuries

Debris, dirt, etc., can cause minor injuries or scratches in dogs' eyes, requiring prompt attention. Wash your dog's eye out immediately,and in case of continued redness and damage, try Remend® BioHAnce™ Corneal Gel for Dogs, to help soothe and aid healing. 

Eye Medication for Dogs:

Dog eye allergies vs infection: how to tell the difference

Distinguishing between eye allergies and infections can be tricky, as both can cause redness. Allergies typically make both eyes appear bloodshot without discharge. 

A red eye with discharge may signal an infection, usually affecting just one eye - requiring antibiotic eye drops or ointment prescribed by a vet - Save on prescription medication you buy with Pet Drugs Online!