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Protexin Supplements for Cats, Dogs, and Horses 

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Protexin helps to support healthy body functions and nutritional support in your pet. Choose from Proextin probiotics and supplements for your dog, cat, horse or small animal to get the vitamins and minerals they need. Help to support conditions with Protexin such as gastrointestinal, joint, liver, and skin allergies.


Protexin Probiotics and Supplements

Protexin is a veterinary pharmaceutical company that is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and providing a great range of research-based and high-quality supplements for pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits and horses. All Protexin supplements are manufactured at the state-of-the-art Protexin facility in Somerset, UK where they continue to produce effective healthcare solutions without compromising their natural philosophy. They even work alongside a number of leading universities and research centres across the world on ongoing research programmes, as well as looking for ways to improve their product range.

What our customers think of Protexin

5/ 5

Great improvement in my dog’s movement.

Trusted Customer - Sunday, January 31, 2021

5/ 5

Used Cosequin over many years on our oldies, Keep them supple and pain free

Judith Rodda - Tuesday, April 2, 2019

5/ 5

Bought some more of this to have in as was prescribed by my vet and worked well.

Trusted Customer - Wednesday, February 2, 2022 

5/ 5

Fabulous product, has my dogs arthritis under control, and given her back a quality of life

Christine Gilbey - Thursday, January 20, 2022

Protexin Probiotics and Supplements 

Protexin has a wide range of supplements and probiotics available to help your pet get the nutritional support it needs. However, most pets with non-pre-existing health conditions usually get all the vitamins and minerals they need from their diet. So, before introducing supplements, make sure you consult your vet. For pets with health conditions, Protexin is there to help support gastrointestinal, joint, hepatic, urinary, and allergy conditions. However, there are many products for each animal, and many can be used on different animals such as cats and dogs. 

Protexin for dogs 

For your dog, Protexin has a wide range of products available for different needs. For gastrointestinal conditions, Protexin Pro-Kolin and Protexin Pro-Fire are the perfect supplements to aid in digestive function and come in paste formula, tablet, or powder.  Protexin Cosequin chewable tablets act as a joint supplement as do Dasuquin tablets. For dogs with liver conditions, Protexin Denamarin tablets help to improve liver function and repair tissues. For bladder conditions, Protexin CystoPro for dogs is a supplement capsule which encourages urinary tract health. And for skin and allergy, Protexin Dermalease has drops and mousse to apply to your dog's skin. Dosages for Protexin all depends on the product type, so make sure to read the instructions and be sure to follow your vet's recommendations. 

Protexin for cats

Most of the Protexin supplements for dogs can also be used for cats, and likewise there are a lot of different products for various conditions and uses. For digestion, Protexin Pro-Fibre, Pro-Enzorb, and Protexin Pro-Kolin all aid in supporting a normal digestive function and come in pellets, paste or tablets which can all be given easily to your cat. Protexin Denamarin for cats is great for liver conditions and for cats with bladder conditions, Protexin Cystophan for cats or Protexin CystoPro are great dietary supplements. For skin and allergy, Protexin Dermalease offers mousse and drops for your cat. Remember to follow your vet's recommendations and be sure to read the instructions before administering to your cat. 

Protexin for horses

For horses, Protexin has a wide range of supplements for different conditions. For horses with digestion problems, there are a few products: Protexin Gut Balancer, Pro-Soluble, Gut Bind, and Protexin Acid Ease. All of these support gut health and come in either a powder solution or a paste. For joint and muscle, try Cosequin Equine which helps to support and maintain your horse’s joint health and ease of movement. To help your horse with liver function or just a general pick me up after illness, Protexin Recovery Aid contains all the minerals your horse needs. As with all probiotics, make sure to follow your vet's recommendations and read the leaflet before administering. 

Protexin for rabbits and small animals

Protexin probiotics and supplements also cater for rabbits and other small pets. These supplements are for general nutritional support and gastrointestinal problems. Protexin Pro-Fibre can be used as a dietary supplement, for rabbits, cats and dogs. But also Protexin Fibreplex and Protexin Bio-Lapis are exclusively for rabbits and other small pets which come in oral paste or powder to sprinkle in their water or food to aid in digestion. Make sure you read the directions on dosage beforehand and be sure to follow your vet's recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Protexin used for?

Protexin is a brand of animal probiotics and supplements which help with nutritional support in your pet and has various supplements to support conditions such as digestional, liver, joint, and skin allergies. Protexin probiotics come in paste formulas, tablets, or powder for cats, dogs, horses, and small animals which can be given daily to help boost their intake and support normal bodily functions or help to support an existing condition.

 How long does Protexin take to work in dogs and cats?

How long Protexin takes to work for any animal all depends on your pet's condition, however, it would start to work on improving your pet’s health at the first dose. You should start to see an improvement in as little as a few days. But as always, make sure to read the specific Protexin probiotic you are using as each product may differ.

Can probiotics make a dog sick?

With any probiotic and any animal, Protexin might cause mild stomach aches, diarrhoea, flatulence and other stomach upsets after the first few days after taking them. Don’t worry, this is normal as probiotics help to settle this over time and support healthy gut function. 

Are supplements necessary for pets?

The answers to this vary from each individual pet, their health needs and their age. Although most pets with no health conditions should be able to receive all the vitamins and minerals they need from their diet, occasionally they may need a little help. Do make sure to consult your vet before introducing supplements to their diet as giving too many vitamins can harm them.