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Applaws Natural Cat Food

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Applaws Natural Cat Food

Applaws pet food offers premium, 100% natural pet food made entirely of natural ingredients.
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Applaws Natural Cat Food

Applaws Cat Food is a complementary pet food for cats which contains only natural ingredients and has an extremely high meat content. This cat food promotes a healthy, balanced diet for your cat.

It is available in 24 x 70g tins. Please note that tins made of very thin metal can dent very easily as a result. Whilst we make every effort to ensure that tins are packaged as best as possible, some occassionally get dented in transit. This is cosmetic only and should not affect use.

Key Benefits of Applaws Natural Cat Food:
- 100% Natural with no added flavourings or colourings
- Made with limited ingredients
- Natural source of taurine to promote heart function
- 75% meat/fish content
- Promotes eye health

Ingredients: Chicken: 75% chicken, 1% rice, 24%,cooking water
Chicken w/Cheese: Chicken Breast 70%, Cheese 5%, Rice 1%, Cooking water 24%
Tuna Prawn: Tuna fillet 52%, Prawn 23%, Rice 1%, Fish broth 24%
Ocean Fish: Mackerel flake 45%, Tuna fillet 30%, Rice 1%, Fish broth 24%
Kitten Chicken: Chicken 53%, Rice, Minerals.

All our fish are caught in sea water using dolphin friendly and sustainable methods where the Tuna used is bonito which is one of the most abundant fish in the sea and is not on any endangered species list.