Alphazium TT for Cats and Dogs

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Alphazium TT for Cats and Dogs are a tasty one a day calming tab for dogs and cats.

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Product Details

Alphazium TT is a once daily, tasty tab to help calm anxious pets, whatever the stress trigger.

Suitable for dogs and cats, for short- or long-term use. 

Key benefits:

• Unique ingredient combination of alphalactalbumin and magnesium have a triple action effect, to help your pet cope with stressful events  

• Made with Tasty Tech: a patented manufacturing process that guarantees preservation of delicate ingredients with up to 100% palatability for stress-free, treat-like administration

• Natural ingredients help calm your pet without causing drowsiness 

• Available in 3 sizes for pets of all weights 

Alphazium TT is a complementary feed for dogs and cats

Special instructions:

For long term stress and anxiety: give daily for periods of one month, continue based on your pet’s current behaviour 

For short term stress triggers: administer 1-3 days before a stressful event, continue during the event and for several days afterwards

Give tab(s) directly to your pet, as you would a treat!

Alternatively, crush and mix with food 

Tabs can be split for extra small pets