EVICTO® Spot-On Solution for Cats 45mg (2.6kg-7.5kg)

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Evicto Cat 45mg Spot on is an antiparasitic medicine that is used as a treatment and prevention of flea infestations. It can also be used as a prevention of heartworm disease and treats biting lice, ear mites, adult roundworms and Intestinal hookworms. Treats sarcoptic mange and cheyletiellosis in rabbits.

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Product Details

This is a prescription item and will be sent once a valid prescription has been received and approved by our vet.

Evicto Cat 45mg Spot on is an antiparasitic medicine for cats and rabbits up to 7.5kg. The benefits of Evicto Cat 45mg spot on: 

• Kills adult fleas, flea eggs and flea larvae (Ctenocephalides spp.) in cats

• Prevents flea infestations and controls flea allergy dermatitis in cats

• Treats and controls ear mites (Otodectes cynotis) in cats 

• Treats and controls intestinal hookworm and roundworm in cats 

• Treats biting lice in cats 

• Prevents heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis in cats 

• Treats ear mites (Psoroptes cuniculi) in rabbits 

• Treats sarcoptic mange (Sarcoptes scabiei) in rabbits 

• Treats cheyletiellosis (Cheyletiella spp.) in rabbits


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