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Bimectin Oral Paste Wormer for Horses 18.7mg/g

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Bimectin Oral Paste Wormer 18.7mg/g is safe to use in horses of all ages and offers treatment to a broad spectrum of parasites.

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Bimectin Oral Paste Wormer for Horses 18.7mg/g is an apple flavoured paste containing Ivermectin that is ideal for palatability and ease of dosing.

Bimectin Oral Paste Wormer is known as a broad-spectrum treatment and eliminates parasites including Large strongyles, Small strongyles (Ivermectin is not effective against the encysted larval stages of the small strongyles), Lungworms (adult and immatures), Pinworms (adult and immatures), Hairworms (adults), Large-mouth stomach worms (adults), Ascarids (adults and third & fourth stage larvae), Neck threadworms (microfilariae), Intestinal threadworms (adults), Stomach bots (oral and gastric stages).

The Bimectin Oral Paste Wormer comes in a ready-to-use syringe that allows accurate dosing and the gel formulation facilitates absorption.

Withdrawal Period: Meat and Offal is 34 days. Milk - Do not use in mares producing milk for human consumption.


At a dose rate of 0.2mg ivermectin per kilogram of bodyweight, plasma levels of ivermectin reach a mean Cmax concentration of 40.44ng/ml and a mean Tmax at 8.35 hours. This peak falls off gradually to an average level of 3ng/ml at 10 days.

To ensure administration of a correct dose, body weight should be determined as accurately as possible.

If animals are to be treated collectively rather than individually, they should be grouped according to their bodyweight and dosed accordingly, in order to avoid under or over dosing.

This is a single use product. Discard after use.

Bimectin Oral Paste Wormer for Horses 18.7mg/g is available in the following size:
  • 1 x 6.42g Syringe
  • Active Ingredient
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What our vet says

What our vet says
"An easy to use multi-wormer for your horse with a wide safety margin - meaning you can use safely on foals, mares, ponies and horses. If you raise your horse's head immediately after dosing, you'll stand a better chance of depositing the medication without spills."
John Campbell - Head Veterinary Surgeon (BVM&S BSc MRCVS)
John Campbell Head Veterinary Surgeon And
Co-Founder (BVM&S BSc MRCVS)