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ADAPTIL Calming Aids for Dogs and Puppies

ADAPTIL helps your dog adapt to modern life’s stressful situations with natural appeasing messages

ADAPTIL makes a range of calming aids to help stressed-out dogs and puppies. Whether an older dog or a new puppy that needs some support, take a look at ADAPTIL's calming collars, diffusers and sprays below.


What Are ADAPTIL Dog Calmers?

ADAPTIL dog calmers are a part of the Ceva Animal Health company that was founded in 2000 in Buckinghamshire, UK. With over 80 members of staff across the country, Ceva has become the leader in pet behaviour products for both cats and dogs. ADAPTIL offers a range of dog calming aids, from diffusers to collars, to help your dog better adapt to the stress and chaos of modern-day life. 

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What our customers think of ADAPTIL

5/ 5

Doggo loved these, would buy them for him again.

Trusted Customer - December 16, 2021

5/ 5

This has really helped my puppy settle in and with the fireworks.

Marina Houghton - November 15, 2021

5/ 5

It has calmed a very excitable and frightened 11month old puppy. No objections to wearing this collar even though he’s never had one on before.

Trusted Customer - September 23, 2021

5/ 5

Recommended by a veterinary nurse. We bought one for our new puppy. No way of telling how she would be without it, but it gives us peace of mind that we have done everything possible to help her settle in to her new home.

Kerry Jones - July 13, 2021

How Does ADAPTIL for Dogs Work? 

Before dogs were domesticated, like they are today, they would live in packs, much like wolves. When in the wild, these dogs would communicate with other dogs and puppies in the pack through pheromones, that their bodies released into the air. These pheromones worked like appeasing messages, reassuring the rest of the pack that they were safe. 

ADAPTIL is a simple and modern adaptation of these messages. ADAPTIL products provide your dog with these calming and appeasing pheromones to help reassure them they are safe and cared for. ADAPTIL calmers can help your dog to adapt to the stressful and sometimes hectic ways of day-to-day modern life, and help them feel more relaxed in your home. 


All ADAPTIL products are completely safe to use around cats, dogs, and humans. Plus, as the pheromones used in ADAPTIL products are specific to dogs, they will have no effect on any other animals in your home. All ADAPTIL diffusers for dogs are compliant with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), European Norms (EN), and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) required standards. Additionally, the plastic materials used are self-extinguishing (V2 grade) to mitigate fire risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take For ADAPTIL to Kick In?

When using the ADAPTIL Diffusers for dogs, most owners will begin to see results within the first 7 days. However, this number is only an estimate and how long it takes for a dog to respond to the ADAPTIL pheromones will depend on their unique temperament. 

For more immediate relief from stressful situations such as fireworks, thunderstorms, or travel, try ADAPTIL express. These calming tablets can be used occasionally for temporary stressors.

How Long Does Adaptil Last For?

This is dependent on the Adaptil calming product that you use. Generally, Adaptil diffusers for the home are designed for 24/7 use and the vial should last 30 days, while the diffuser itself last around 6 months. 

For Adaptil collars, both Adaptil Junior and on-the-go should also last around 30 days of continuous use before needing to be replaced.

Short-term Adaptil calmers like the Adaptil transport sprays and express tablets last for a few hours at a time. 

 What Behaviours Can Adaptil Help With?

Adaptil works by releasing a synthetic appeasement pheromone, which can help to ease anxiety and stress in dogs. If your dog is displaying behaviours such as whimpering at night, howling or barking when alone, or general symptoms of anxiety such as high heart rate, shaking, and cowering then Adaptil for dogs can reduce these. 

If your dog has severe separation anxiety or displays aggressive behaviours, please consult your vet and a behavioural specialist as a calmer will not help with this.

 Do Vets Recommend ADAPTIL?

Yes! ADAPTIL is both used and recommended by vets. This is because ADAPTIL is a number one dog behaviour product brand and is clinically proven to work.

  Is ADAPTIL Safe for Puppies?

Not only is ADAPTIL safe for use around puppies of any age, but you can also choose ADAPTIL Junior; an effective solution to help calm new puppies when you bring them home following adoption. ADAPTIL Junior also supports better socialisation and improves their learning.