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We've got a wide-range of digestion products for you to choose from. Shop the top brands including YuDIGEST and Protexin.

Provide your pet with premium digestion supplements to give them the best quality of life. Your pet is a priority and at Pet Drugs Online we believe their health deserves the very best at a good value price. We have handpicked a range of probiotics, supplements, low-fat foods and recovery foods from brands including Royal Canin, Purina, YuDIGEST and Protexin.


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  1. You save 19%
    Protexin Pro-Kolin Advanced for Dogs
  2. You save 40%
    Coopers Gut Support
    Coopers Gut Support
    SRP £61.40
    Save £24.90
  3. You save 25%
    Protexin Pro-Fibre For Dogs & Cats 1383
  4. You save 45%
    Canikur Pro Paste - Cat And Dog Probiotic 1672
  5. You save 25%
    Purina Pro Plan FortiFlora Cat Food Supplement 2131
  6. You save 53%
    Katalax Tube
    Katalax Tube
    SRP £28.10
    Save £15.14
  7. You save 31%
    YuDigest - Dog Probiotic 3539
    YuDigest - Dog Probiotic
    SRP £30.73
    Save £9.81
  8. You save 18%
    Panzym Powder 597
    Panzym Powder
    SRP £66.06
    Save £12.06
  9. You save 61%
    Kaogel Suspension
    Kaogel Suspension
    SRP £51.62
    Save £31.98
  10. You save 22%
    Protexin Pro-Kolin+ for Cats and Dogs 905
  11. You save 39%
    Protexin Gut Balancer For Horses 9859
  12. You save 11%
    Promax Paste Syringe
    Promax Paste Syringe
    SRP £13.52
    Save £1.52
  13. You save 15%
    Lypex Capsules
    Lypex Capsules
    SRP £77.65
    Save £12.25
  14. You save 34%
    Hill's Z/D Food Sensitivities Prescription Diet Dog Food
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Showing 1-24 of 104

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