Dog Calmers

Your dog’s behaviour can change based on triggers and life events, however, getting to the route of your dog's anxiety can take time and expert advice. Shop from many tried and trusted dog calming medication including Zylkene, Adaptil, Calmex and Pet Remedy. At Pet Drugs Online, we have a variety of calming tablets, air diffusers and other products to ease dog anxiety, reduce stress and support calm behaviour.

Dog calmers help with a variety of dog behavioural issues. Nerves and anxiety can come across as aggression or fear, so calming them is not only good for your four-legged friend but for you too. Take a look at our range of dog calming products to help your pet feel relaxed and happy.
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Why use Dog calming Aids?

Unfortunately, dogs can't tell you what's wrong, so when something is upsetting them, you may see behavioural changes. This can manifest as anxiety, being hyper or even aggression. Using a dog calming aid can help to ease their worries so that they can return to their usual self. Although, it is still important that you also discover what it is that upsets your pup so that you can help them deal with their fear and avoid the trigger in future.

Big changes such as moving to a new house, bringing a new pet into the family home or taking your dog to new places such as the office, vets or other homes can all be contributing factors to why they might be feeling anxious.

Other things to think about are if your dog is a rescue pet, they may have underlying issues that can be triggered by what may seem the smallest of things. This can be quite distressing for them and in the short term, dog calmers will help.

Best Calmers for Dogs

There are a range of calming products available for dogs, so finding the best calmer can be trial and error as different dogs will respond differently to each product. Which product is best will also be dependent on the reason behind your dog's behaviour issues. We stock a range of products including calming tablets, diffusers, sprays and more. Here, we'll try help you finetune your selection to your dog's specific needs.

Dog Calmers for Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can be a big issue for dogs, but you can help support them so that they can learn to stay calm when they're on their own. Adaptil is a well-known brand that can help with separation anxiety. Their diffuser emits a dog pheromone which reassures your dog naturally. If being left alone is a big issue for your dog, we also stock a range of anxiety relief treatments that could further help your dog.

Dog Calmers for Hyperative Dogs

For hyperactive dogs, we supply a range of natural dietary supplements that have calming ingredients. Natural ingredients include valerian and vervain, which help to keep your pup calm. Hyperactive dogs can also benefit from boredom breaker dog toys which keep them entertained and help them use up their excess energy.

Dog Calmers for Agression

An aggressive dog can be worrying, but they can be controlled. Aggression is a reaction to something that has upset your dog or caused them fear, so a calming product can help.

Supplements such as YuCALM can help to reduce stress and support your dog to become happy again. If the aggression happens when you're out and about, there are also calming collars by Adaptil that help to keep your pooch calm wherever they are.

Calming Your Dog

Helping your dog with calming products is one thing, but it is important that you find what it is that upsets your dog and help them overcome their issue. Whether this is car journeys, fireworks or other dogs, knowing the trigger helps you to be pre-emptive and avoid the trigger completely.

If you're worried about your dog's behaviour or finding it difficult to keep them calm, speak to your vet or a pet behaviourist. For help with our calming products for dogs contact our team.