Mikki Ear Wipes for Large & Small Pets

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Mikki Ear Wipes easily remove discharge around ears, helps prevent blockage of ducts and infection, are easy to use, and keep your pets happy and healthy. 

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Product Details

Keep your pet happy and healthy with the brilliant Ear Wipes from Mikki. This pack is perfect for removing discharge often found around your pet's ears. They have been specially designed to remove dirt and harmful materials from around your furry friend's ears, helping prevent blockage of ducts and potential infections. Simply wipe gently around the ear area and consult your vet if an infection is present.


Remove the complete top of the tub and lift the centre section of the plastic cap. Starting in the centre of the pack of wipes, pull the middle wipe and pass it through the hole in the centre of the lid. Then replace the complete lid. Firmly tear the wipe at an angle to remove it from the pack and close the centre part of the lid when not in use to keep the wipes fresh and clean. Gently clean around your pet's ears but be careful not to poke them inside the ear.

Mikki Ear Wipes for Large & Small Pets are available in the following size:
  • Pack of 17 Wipes
Key Benefits
  • Helps prevent a build-up of wax and minimises ear odour
  • Cleans ears and ear canals
  • Prevents ear infections
  • Handy pocket-sized pack
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