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Dog Products – Canine Health Essentials

Your dog is always by your side, and so are we with best prices on medicines, foods and all your day-to-day pet care needs.

Frontline Pet care
Grooming Marvelous

Save 15% extra on Frontline Pet Care in February

That's shampoos, ear & eye cleaners, daily fresheners, leave in-foams, paw balms, skin care gels, tick removers...

Vet Prices from: £5.41Our Prices from: £2.66 Buy Now

When only the best will do

Dog Eating

Hills Prescription Diets For Dogs

Feed them well! Condition Specific Foods

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Mobility Supplements

Mobility Supplements

Supplements to ease those knees on cold winter walks

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Drontal Dog

Roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm and whipworm. All are nasty. Some can be passed from dog to human. Drontal kills each and every one of them, which is why it is the UK's favourite dog worming tablet.

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Lintbells, for dogs, for life


Dog's can have sensitive skin too - and their triggers are commonly pollen, grasses, fleas and mites. Yumega Itchy Dog is packed full of Omega Oils that in 3-6 weeks will help your dog feel comfortable in their own skin.

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