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Dechra SPECIFIC® CKD Heart & Kidney Support Dry Dog Food

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Dechra SPECIFIC® CKD Heart & Kidney Support Dry Dog Food is a complete dietetic pet food for support of adult dogs with heart, kidney, and liver insufficiency.

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Product Details

Please Note: All prescription diets are specifically formulated to meet specific needs, ALWAYS check with your vet which diet is best suited to your pet before ordering.

Dechra SPECIFIC® CKD Heart & Kidney Support Dry Dog Food is recommended for supporting heart function in case of chronic cardiac insufficiency. Support of renal function in case of chronic and temporarily renal insufficiency. Support of liver function in case of chronic liver insufficiency: Urate, oxalate or cystine urolithiasis.

Dechra SPECIFIC® CKD Heart & Kidney Support Dry Dog Food has uniquely high levels of the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA derived from fish oil and krill. In dogs with cardiac disease, EPA can help maintain lean body mass and appetite, normal cardiac rhythm, blood pressure and aggregation. Omega-3 fatty acids can help support kidney function in dogs with kidney failure. In congestive heart failure, sodium excretion is reduced as part of the compensatory response to the reduced cardiac output, and consequently, sodium and water retention occurs. The reduced sodium level helps to break the vicious circle of water retention. This is essential for both kidney, liver and heart patients. A restricted phosphorus content is essential to maintain normal blood levels of phosphorus and renal function in kidney patients. The reduced protein content, combined with a protein of high biological value, helps maintain physiological blood levels of urea in dogs with renal failure. In dogs with liver failure, dietary protein restriction helps to maintain normal ammonia levels in the blood. The high biological value of the proteins supplies a sufficient amount of essential amino acids to the dog. The restricted protein level reduces the urinary concentrations of oxalate, cystine and urate. Together with the alkaline urine pH, this discourages precipitation of urinary calcium oxalate, cystine and urate crystals and supports a healthy urinary tract. Added potassium citrate helps keep calcium oxalate in the solution.

Not recommended for puppies and pregnant or lactating bitches. Dogs that have a relatively high protein requirement. For patients with cholestasis, a diet with a reduced fat content is more suitable (such as SPECIFIC™ Weight Reduction or Senior diets). Dogs with struvite urolithiasis. Dogs with hyperlipidaemia or pancreatitis.


Dechra SPECIFIC® CKD Heart & Kidney Support Dry Dog Food is available in the following sizes:
  • 2kg Bag
  • 4kg Bag
  • 3 x 4kg Bags
  • 7kg Bag

Key Benefits

  • Formulated by dog nutrition experts to provide nutritional support for dogs with reduced heart, kidney and/or liver function
  • Supports heart rhythm and normal blood pressure with a high level of fish oil for dogs
  • Puts less strain on your dog's kidneys thanks to reduced protein content
  • High-quality proteins ensure that, despite the reduced protein level, your dog gets all amino acids it needs
  • Supports kidney function with high levels of Omega-3 and restricted phosphorus content
  • Helps reduce formation of calcium oxalate, urate or cystine crystals with reduced protein content, added potassium citrate and induction of alkaline urine
  • Supports healthy blood pressure and water balance with reduced salt content


  • Ingredients
    Rice, wheat, maize, fish oil, pork fat, egg powder, Antarctic krill, minerals (including tripotassium citrate and zeolite), animal protein hydrolysate, potato protein, vitamins and trace elements (including chelated trace elements), fish meal, yeast, cellulose powder, taurine, methionine, L-carnitine, rosemary extract. With natural antioxidants (tocopherols and vitamin C)