January 2024: Caninsulin Customer Announcement


Caninsulin has a new preservative that will extend its life.

Caninsulin has a new preservative that will make storing and transporting vials and cartridges after first use easier and allows the Caninsulin to be used more cost-effectively for pets on low doses.

The new preservative is widely used across both human and animal medicines, including other insulin products, and this change has been made with regulatory approval. The new vials and cartridges will become available from February 2024, replacing the current version.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to your veterinary surgeon as soon as possible. You will find answers to some of the most common questions asked below. 

1. How can I identify that I am receiving vials or cartridges with the new preservative from the packaging?

Only minor changes will be seen in the packaging. These include:

  • A change in vial/cartridge cap colour- vials will change from lilac purple to blue, while cartridge caps change from gold to silver.
  • The product leaflet insert will contain updated storage advice as detailed below.
2. Are there other changes I might notice about the product itself?

You may notice a more “medicinal” odour and a subtle change in appearance to the suspension following mixing. These changes are completely normal and are not expected to affect your pet’s tolerance of the insulin.

3. Will I need to change my pet’s insulin dose?

There is no change to the amount or concentration of insulin within the product and, therefore, no dose change is advised when moving to the new Caninsulin.

All diabetic pets should be monitored routinely for signs that reflect any change in their level of control, and this is also appropriate when changing to the new Caninsulin.

No change in control is expected following this update, but if you have any concerns or questions prior to or associated with the changeover please do contact your vet for further advice.

4.  How does this change impact storage conditions for my pet’s Caninsulin?

Unused Caninsulin vials or cartridges need to be refrigerated between 2°C and 8°C, as is the case now.

Vials and cartridges with the new Caninsulin can be stored either in the fridge or at room temperature (2°C to 25°C) following the first use for up to 42 days.

5. What is the advice if I am still using the lilac purple top vials or gold-top cartridges?

Guidance for broached vial storage of all remaining stocks of lilac/purple-top Caninsulin vials and gold-top cartridges remain as shown in their product leaflet insert, i.e., refrigerated storage (between 2°C and 8°C) and a 28-day shelf-life continues to apply.