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Lily’s Kitchen is a UK-based pet food brand with a focus on providing quality meals for your pet without forgetting the surrounding community and the environment. With a wide variety of food and treats for dogs and cats, there’s sure to be something they’ll love. Find proper meals for your pets with our extensive range below.


Lily’s Kitchen Pet Food

Lily’s Kitchen was founded over ten years ago when its namesake – Lily the stubborn and fussy terrier – was suffering from sore and itchy skin. Her owner, Henrietta, began developing her own food to help nurse Lily back to health and the rest, as they say, is history. Now, Lily’s Kitchen continues to develop and manufacture delicious and nutritious pet food recipes with the help of brilliant vets, nutritionists and resident taste-tester, Lulu, who happens to be Lily’s granddaughter. Nowadays, Lily’s Kitchen pet food is a well known and respected option for those who want to make sure their pets are eating the best they possibly can. All of Lily’s Kitchen’s recipes are completely natural and bursting with nourishing ingredients to ensure that your pet is eating properly!

What our customers think of Lily's Kitchen

5/ 5

Best dog food available for sensitive digestion.

Shirley Evans - Wednesday, February 16, 2022

5/ 5

Helps my dogs digestive system and she loves it.

Josie Fox - Sunday, February 20, 2022

5/ 5

Brilliant, my cats love it, excellent for tooth care and the Vet always compliments my cats on their good dental condition.

Trusted Customer - Friday, January 21, 2022

5/ 5

The cats like this better than another brand. I've not tried it myself, so have no comment from a personal perspective.

David Evans - Sunday, November 7, 2021

Lily’s Kitchen Dog Food 

Lily’s Kitchen dog food is made from entirely natural ingredients and is suitable for both adult and senior dogs. Plus, with a great range of Lily’s Kitchen puppy food, you can keep your dog eating properly their entire life! You’ll even find a range of nutritious Lily’s Kitchen dog treats in a variety of flavours and options, such as these Lily's Kitchen Breaktime Biscuits. 

Lily’s Kitchen Cat Food

All cats need a complete and balanced diet full of good quality meat protein to help them live a healthy life. Lily’s Kitchen cat food offers a fantastic range of complete,  grain-free recipes to keep your cat in top health no matter their age. You’ll also find a range of Lily’s Kitchen kitten food as well as Lily’s kitchen cat treats, perfect for any occasion.


Lily’s Kitchen Feeding Guide

How much Lily’s Kitchen food you give your pet will depend on a number of factors, including their age, body weight, activity level and general lifestyle. Every Lily’s Kitchen product comes complete with a general feeding guide on the packaging showing the recommended daily allowance of food for your cat or dog depending on their body weight.

Lily’s Kitchen Dog Food Feeding Guide

Lily’s Kitchen has a wide variety of flavours and options available for your dog, but dogs come in just as many different shapes and sizes. Because of this, the amount of each food they should have varies depending on their weight. 

  • 1-5kg - 30-100g of dry food or a quarter to a half tin of wet a day. 
  • 6-10kg - 100-220g of dry food or half to 2 tins of wet food a day.
  • 11-15kg - 220g to 330g of dry food or 2 to 3 tins of wet food a day
  • 16-20kg - 330-420g of dry food or 3 to 4 tins of wet food a day. 

You can also mix wet and dry together, in which case remove 30g of wet food for every 100g of dry. If you’re fond of giving your pup a lot of treats, it may be worth adjusting these portion sizes some more. Speak with your vet for further advice if needed.

Lily’s Kitchen Cat Food Feeding Guide

Making sure your cat is eating the right amount of Lily’s Kitchen cat food is important, and thankfully having a brand that understands this helps with portion control. They’ve come up with a breakdown of what to feed your cat to keep them in their best shape possible.

  • 2-3kg - 25-40g dry food, 1 x 85g of wet food.
  • 3-4kg - 40-55g dry food, 1 x 85g of wet food.
  • 4-5kg - 30-45g dry food, 2 x 85g of wet food.

Of course, adding treats and other little extras may mean these amounts need to be adjusted. If you have any questions, speak with your vet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lily’s Kitchen Vet Recommended?

Absolutely! All Lily’s Kitchen recipes are formulated with the help of vets and over 250 vets in the UK stock Lily’s Kitchen products.

 Is Lily’s Kitchen Grain-Free?

Lily’s Kitchen has a great range of complete and balanced grain-free recipes for both cats and dogs. Not all products are grain-free, however, so make sure to check before you purchase.

Is Lily’s Kitchen High in Fat?

All Lily’s Kitchen recipes are low in fat, making them ideal to help both adult and mature pets to maintain a healthy weight.